I’m continuing a little fun game I started back in Wyoming a few months ago. I have been traveling so much that I had the pleasure of seeing the fall colors in so many parts of the country.

Well guess what I’m seeing now?

Holiday sparkle. When I was flying low in the plane the other night, I could see all of the houses in America lit up from the sky. It was spectacular.

Wouldn’t you love to see holiday sparkle from around the country too?

Just like my Fall Colors post, this is a call for submissions! Send me your favorite holiday decoration photos from around the world and I’ll post ’em up for everyone to see.

I’ll go first…. New Orleans!

These people were rocking the toy soldiers. They were standing guard. I felt like I was at Buckingham palace all over again.

Speaking of palaces… this is where our friend Emeril lives. He has decorated nicely.

These folks were hard at work. Serious ladders were being used for their decorations.

They put bows on the entrance to their community.

Isn’t that a pretty house? I’m telling you, I want to move into every house I see here. That would of course require me to be stationery.

Another toy soldier! Can you see him peering out?

Austere and beautiful.

I’m sensing a garland theme here in New Orleans. And a lot of football team pride of course.

I love a good tree full of lights. It’s so much work but boy is it worth it.

Garlands and porch sparkle. This house was so wide my camera lens couldn’t even handle it.

And if you haven’t heard about my love for porches, now would be the time to tell you. I love porches. Especially wrap around ones. I want a house with five porches stacked on top of each other.

Let it be known.

Hi Santa! Blow up decorations are big here. There are African American Santas running around too.

Send me your holiday decoration photos! We want to see ’em and share ’em.

p.s. For more pictures of New Orleans architecture, check out my photos here.