I’m on a cross country road trip right now. It is an abbreviated version that started in Illinois.

I flew to Illinois for a memorial service for the dear person that I mentioned a little while ago. And now we’re moving vehicles around.

Which means I got to see our country from two perspectives.

Once from the sky. Once from the ground.

This is from the sky. It is pretty ain’t it? All of that snow with paths carved through it.

Airplane photography is a whole new unexplored medium I think.

This was the mysterious, good lookin’ passenger next to me.

And now I’m somewhere in Utah. By way of Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado.

Road tripping is hard. It is very long and there aren’t enough things to keep me entertained.

But I suppose that is the point. It is a time for reflection. And a way to see this vast great place we live in from a different perspective.

Except that my hair is shabby and my face a bit too ruddy and my eyelids a bit too heavy and the food, well… let’s just say I’m starving for some lettuce.

But these are the times I won’t forget. Even if I do feel like I’m reverting back to my adolescent days physically. Mentally, it all matures me.