Today I thought I’d tell you about a fun new food site that I’ve been working with, called Foodily.

What I love about Foodily is quite simple — it shares the love. Actually, now that I think about it, their very subtitle is “food, I love you.”

How it works:

Foodily is like a “warm, fuzzy social recipe network.” It aggregates great recipes from around the web in the form of an advanced search engine so that users like you and me can go there and type in the ingredient… say… “pineapple,” for example and get all kinds of recipes from respected food websites that include pineapple.

You may be thinking that many sites let you do a key word search. Do not fear, Foodily takes it one step further. They also let you exclude ingredients. Have an allergy? No problemo. Just type it into the “without” field and that pesky ingredient “honey” that you dislike with a fiery passion disappears.

A tour:

I’m a visual person so let’s do a mini example, shall we?

Here is the homepage. Pretty eh?

Here you type in your favorite ingredient that you’re in the mood to cook.

And up pops many wonderful recipes from across the web that you can scroll through.

Now say you want to keep out that pesky ingredient honey. Just type it into the “without” field on the right.

And here you get all of the lovely recipes without honey in them!

It’s a cinch I tell you.

Ah, but it gets even better. If you want your own website’s recipes to be included in Foodily’s search engine for all the world to see you can have what you wish for. It will be indexed and shared and linked to your own site. Simply send a note here:

Take Foodily for a spin yourself and see how you like it. It’s a happy sharing community.


Disclaimer: I am one of a handful of bloggers who has been hired by Foodily to test the Beta version. Thank you for reading. This is a recording.