It began with a squirrel hunt, and then a six inch sprinkling of snow, and then a succession of lobster rolls; my foray into a whole new decade.

I left snowy Tulipwood and went up to Maine for 24 hours, just because; I ate several lobster rolls. It was the right way to transition I thought.

Then there was Indian food, a feast of it, with my Godparents and everyone else that I love. There was yogurt sauce studded with cucumbers, and spiced minced onions, and cabbage, and coconut chicken, and fragrant basmati rice, and sweet chutney and peas with fried cheese, they call it saag paneer, I think. And there was cauliflower with horseradish too.

There was a cake with cream and a meringue crust on top, and a sprinkle of blanched almonds.

The next morning, there was a breakfast of three-egg omelets, a gift from the chickens, with peppers and onions too, and a bit of chocolate cake. This was all after Lorenzo the rooster, who lives inside, rang in the day with his siren song, the notes of which floated up through the floorboards and into my bed.

And then there was a cocktail or two, with friends in a hotel lounge, and a few pieces of squid and pepper on a skewer with a squirt of lemon.

And then last night, another, more intimate feast of slow cooker chicken and some greens and a bit more cake. All finished by a family portrait. I have to save those details for a whole other day.

Oh, and did I tell you? I got Grandma P. an ipad so she’ll be connected again… so she may chiming in here again soon. She sent me flowers for the occasion in return.

I think this next decade will be a good one. The first hours of it certainly have been. Thanks to you.