Well, I took a little trip to the Oval Office the other day, and I thought I should snap some pictures while I was there and show them to you.

I asked the big beefy looking secret service man if it would be okay, and he said no problem girly.

So I snapped away.

I told him I liked what he had done with the place, particularly the couch upholstery and he said thank you and then whispered something into his ear piece and looked at me funny.

I shuffled off and continued snapping pictures.

And here was that other… important… room. The one where they make the important decisions.

Oh, and I got to meet Hillary!

Okay… fine.

It was the Bill Clinton museum. And the beefy secret service was actually a little old lady telling me to hurry along because they were closing soon.

But it was fun! Here are some more pics I snapped, including a very important note about very important national matters from Mr. Rogers from his neighborhood to the president: