As you well know, I have a thing for hot sauce. At one point I thought I had tried all of the bottles in the store. Then I made this whiskey hot sauce for my book Food Heroes. I felt it was my job to preach hot sauce to the world.

Then I found one more recipe to try… it was magical.

Lots ‘o fresh ingredients like cilantro, cherry tomatoes, onion, garlic, and eight habaneros. Are you ready for this?

Can you handle the heat?

“You can’t handle the heat!”

Name that movie.

Once they’re all roasted in a lovely kind of way, you blend everything together.

It’s yellow and sublime. It tastes like… the sun.

Actually it’s mildly addictive and flavorful, despite the burning lips.

How about you? Do you like hot sauce? Or are you a wimp? I’m just wondering…

The full recipe is housed over on Tasty Kitchen, go check it out!