This Spring…

…I am embarking on a very fun project which entails a lot more  traveling around the country (with a camera crew that has a fondness for corn dogs) and meeting food artisans and learning about their food traditions. I will be sure to tell you all of the details here as they unfold, but in the meantime I wanted to tell you how you can learn about the jewels I uncover as I travel.

You’ve seen me travel for several years now, while I wrote the Food Heroes book and went from northern England to churn butter, to the south of France to pick figs.

Then you followed along here while I researched to write my next book Girl Hunter and chased wild hogs on the back of a four wheeler through the cotton along the Mississippi, or ended up in precarious circumstances in the mountains of Wyoming with just me, a horse, and a tuna fish sandwich.

But now, here is a way for you to share a taste of it all!

I’ve joined the Open Sky project, where I’ll tell you about the unique, unusual, and useful things I find, including the tools and ingredients to use to help you live closer to the land. I’ll then feature one item every week with the story of the people and places they’ve come from and make them available to  you, often at a discounted price. These aren’t things you’ll find in a regular store, these are exotic spices, hand made salumi, the perfect stove top smoker. If you’re interested in hearing about these discoveries I make across the country and the world, simply follow me at Open Sky and you’ll start receiving my weekly emails.  Each one will feature a new product at a really good price: sometimes up to 60% off, in small quantities that will be on sale for 24 hours or until the item is sold out.

(You can also follow lots of other folks like Bobby Flay, Dorie Greenspan and Michael Ruhlman.)

I’m excited to take you along on this fun journey with me and offer you a taste of what the world and its culinary artisans have to offer. Come join the fun!

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