Since I have been hijacked by life lately, it’s taken me a while to share these crispy treats, but they are an important topic.

I just love chickpeas. Or is it garbanzo beans? Well, I love them either way. Sometimes, when I’m in a rush, I just empty a can of them into a bowl, add some of my favorite dressing and any herbs I can find and it’s a meal. They are so versatile. I’ve noticed that people are finding yet another great way to make them at home by turning them into a crispy snack. Spicy, crispy, Moroccan chickpea-garbanzo beans? I’m sold.

These are the kinds of spices you will need… you can be very creative here though. See what your spice drawer speaks to you and go with that.

Mix ’em up all nice.

Add some olive oil to your chick peas…

Coat them in the spices until they are syrupy…

Oh it gets so fun from here. Here’s the step-by-step photo set and recipe over at this fun place I write for: Tasty Kitchen. Enjoy!