I just love spaetzle. It’s so comforting and German. It’s pasta with a twist, with some crunch, with some extra butter, and some herbs when you feel like it.

It’s also only 4 ingredient cooking. Or 5 if you want to add a little flair like I did with the mustard powder.

Once you mix up the ingredients, you don’t even need a spaetzle maker. You can do it with a spatula and a colander. It’s the industrious way to do it when you don’t have fancy gadgets. It’s also how I made it by the gallon in my restaurants days. I don’t miss that. I needed to take some space from spaetzle after that. But now we have re-connected again. We are back in love.

You could serve it like this tossed with a bit of olive oil.

Or you can brown it and give it some crunch, and butter, and herbs! That’s my favorite way.

Go whip up a batch. It’ll make you feel like a German grandmother.

Here’s the full handy dandy tutorial over at Tasty Kitchen: Homemade Spaetzle

Have you ever made spaetzle? Do you have any favorite recipes, tricks or memories to share?

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