One of the things I love most about having this website is that I hear from women around the world who want to learn how to run with the boys when it comes to hunting, fishing, and other outdoorsy adventures. So often the men go out to hunt or fish together and we women seem to think that it’s just a male activity and we have to stay home and wait for the game or fish to come in.

Now I know that some women just have no interest what so ever in that kind of activity. But sometimes I wonder if it is because it has been presented to them from a very male perspective.

This fall I’m going to change that. I’ve had a lot of blogger’s ask me lately when they can hunt with me. So when my book “Girl Hunter” comes out I am going to have a handful of “Clay Shoot and Hog Roast” weekends and invite any woman who wants to come, particularly bloggers, because we need to evangelize the notion that women can run with the boys, and in some cases they’re better at things that have always been considered male territory.

So I’m excited to tell you about an organization that I’m working with that is changing things too…

It’s called Clover Pass Resort in Ketchikan, Alaska.

They’re hosting a “Think Alaskan Pink Ladies Classic,” on August 10 – 15th, where women from around the world can participate in a 5 day fishing experience, with all meals, accommodations and instruction provided. There is Pacific salmon, halibut, rock fish, and ling cod in the waters around Ketchikan… some of the tastiest fish you will find.

And the best part? 5% of the proceeds from the event will be donated to breast cancer research. Then, another 5% of proceeds will be donated to the charity of the tournament winner’s choosing.

Oh… and there will be pedicures and massages. Need I say more?

They have been working on the plans for this event for several years. If you have ever wanted to learn how to become more comfortable in the outdoors, this is a perfect way to do it. A little comfort, a little fun, a little female bonding, all for a good cause.

I’m all about the girl power. Have you ever been to Alaska? It might be time. You can learn about the registration details here!

And if you’re interested in being part of one of the Girl Hunter “Clay Shoot and Hog Roast,” weekends this fall, leave a comment below. It’s going to be a blast.