I just returned from my 1,786th trip to the mall in the past 3 days. We’re shooting the cover for my Girl Hunter book tomorrow at the crack of dawn in a beautiful location in upstate New York. It’s actually rather funny how I came upon the location… it entails a lovely German lady and me barging into an old mansion one late morning. But that story is for another day. First I have to get through tomorrow.

It may sound like I’m being dramatic, but I’ll be honest, there have been tears. If nothing else in the world is certain, one thing is: I was not meant to be a personal shopper or a personal stylist when I grow up. I can rest assured that it’s a good thing I didn’t choose that path. This room I’m sitting in is full of bags of clothing and I’m afraid to even add up the receipts at this point. I still don’t know what I’m going to actually put on at 5am tomorrow. One person on twitter suggested I paste leaves to myseful. It comes as a close second to a white or black garbage bag I’m considering.

So fingers crossed for me, will you?

And on to other things…

I’m currently on the cover of Shooting Sportsman Magazine for their latest issue. I’m flattered to be the second woman they’ve ever had on their cover and I’m hoping they do more of it.

You may remember the post I did in the spring about the experience of shooting this cover in Texas. It was a grand ol’ time and I’m counting on tomorrow being the same. Terry Allen is the photographer and he is wonderful and lovely and patient and funny and all good things. I love hanging out with him. He took about 1.2 million photographs over the course of 3 days and this is the one they decided on. I have no idea how they decided. I couldn’t decide and got bored after looking at the 1,000th picture of me so I went and ate an ice cream cone and let them decide.

So if you see it on a news stand near you, you can know that’s me saying hi and smiling at ya.

Okay, I’m off to sort through shopping bags… or go find some leaves in the woods.