I just spent 48 hours with Todd and Diane from White On Rice. They are so many things… photographers, videographers, artists, visionaries… and they bring joy wherever they go.

I’ve been through a lot of photo and video shoots this year for one reason or another and what I’ve learned most is that the people I work with determine so much… the energy that they bring to a creative project effects the energy that I bring to it, and determines whether I can project the best “me.” Needless to say, I don’t remember the last time I felt so relaxed in this kind of project.

Here are a few of the photos they took from our two days together… I can’t wait to share the final trailer with you!

This was sunset on the top of a hill where we stayed at the most beautiful houses on Joshua Creek Ranch. I took some photos of where I stayed here once. At the ranch, they now refer to it as “your house,” whenever we chat about the “Porch Haus.” I love it. It’s one of those places you feel instantly peaceful.

We got up at 5 am. I think that was the first time I haven’t been tired when rising in the dark. Already a good sign. We went up on top of a hill and watched the sun rise. We decided that if I ever try to write a country album, these would be good photos. I need to start practicing my singing first.

Then we started to rock n’ roll.

I hopped on an ATV and drove up and down the hilly pastures.

I practiced my “dragon slayer” look.

Then we got Lacy and Winchester involved. They were thrilled to have some action in the day. When you let them out onto these fields they just know what’s in store and can’t stop wiggling. We got them to stop for a few minutes when they realized I was good at scratching their ears.

After some cooking in the kitchen, I shot a few clays at the trap. I felt I should show T & D my mad skillz ; ) I was actually sure I would miss every one because I was being taped, but as it turns out, I got every single one on the first shell… I didn’t need the second. See? Working with them just made me relaxed.

And in the end, after we wrapped, we celebrated with barbecue. Because it’s Texas after all and it was the right thing to do.

I can’t wait to share the trailer with you, stay tuned!

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