Two days ago I wrote to you about an antique market in Warrenton, Texas and showed you some of the jewels in the world. I also mentioned that I’d be going back for this one part of the market that wasn’t opened until Tuesday. Let me explain…

It’s called “American picking on speed.” This particular location is on farmland called Marburger, which I of course called Hamburger the whole time.

It is off limits until Tuesday morning at 10 am, strictly enforced by a sheriff on a steed and some other fencing with sharp edges.

It causes a traffic line down the road just to get into Marburger at 9 am in order to wait to be let in. It also costs $25 per person just to be allowed to shop. Just for the privilege.

Oh the pageantry.

Oh the red tape.

Oh the deals that were being made under the red tape at 9:43 am.

I loved it all. Especially when the red tape was finally broken and people began rushing in like it was Christmas season at Target.

Hamburger, I mean, Marburger, is decidedly more high class than the rest of the antique show. Definitely more ornate. I watched a woman spend $18,000 in under 10 minutes. It was a spectacle to behold.

Shall we take a look at what’s inside?

This fun shelving situation. I love all of the storage possibilities here. What a great kitchen counter it would have made in my small New York City kitchen back in the day.

Look at this fellow and his well groomed show dog and lovely set of ornate walking sticks…

Or these watering cans. I really need a watering can right now but these weren’t in my watering can price range. I have a watering can price range, don’t we all?

Loved these fun stools. They weren’t quite high enough for the counter I need to set them under though.

Oh the fun signs and the colorful bottles there were…

One sign from prohibition, can you believe it?!

And should you need a priest wardrobe, they had you covered there as well. In case you want to make a sudden career change, the outfits are available. I wonder if a priest would ever buy one like this? I guess not… doesn’t the church give him his wardrobe?

Look at this chair! I loved it tons.

But I also loved this one.

And then I loved these.

Can you tell I’m in the market for deck chairs? I need deck chairs. Right now, I only stand on the deck, never sit.

Loved this array of china tea cups. The woman that took care of me growing up has an array this wide in her kitchen. Oh the nostalgia…

These were fun glasses too with sailboats on them.

And they also had ones depicting a chart from the stock market over the past century… um, that was a wild design.

Yellow is my color these days. I’ve been buying a lot of yellow. And I really wanted to buy these yellow boots.

But they were a size too small. I am going to dream them up and find them in my size one day. I’m determined. The flowers were so perfect.

A bird sanctuary, for all of your birds that you keep.

You know? The parakeets that you keep? The white doves?

This crazy room reminded me of a circa 1920s French brothel. The dresses in there were $1,000 and they were flying off the racks in a torn lace kind of way. I think people like that French brothel meets Les Miserables look…

Oh, more Nancy Drew. And a new book I discovered about a nurse named Cherry Ames. She was quite the nurse apparently. But she never made it onto my childhood reading list for some reason.

I want a typewriter. I only wish the last typewriter company in the world hadn’t closed… this one is now a lamp. Will all of our typewriters become re-purposed into lamps?

For all of your fencing needs…

And bathtub meets lounge chair needs. I’d love to lounge in a bath myself…

I loved the look of this piece. It would work in so many situations.

And this chair! All of the hundreds of little dots. It was so industrial… yet with a modern flair.

Can I just tell you how much I wanted to buy this bust of Winston Churchill? It is much larger than it looks in this picture, and I would set it right out in the gravel of my front driveway to greet everyone. I love his earnest expression. Unfortunately he was $2,000, and in the same way I have a watering can budget, I also have a Winston Churchill bust budget, and this was not in it.

A fun counter top storage piece. Flour! Sugar! Oats! At your fingertips.

And all of these fun old school targets. For the shooting range back in the last century. All metal baby, no modern day paper here.

Have I been living under a rock? Or does Coca Cola company only provide cool aluminum coke bottles to cool antique markets? This was a much more fun way to drink coke than out of plastic. Let me tell ya.

And these. These amazing old shipping boxes from the 1800’s. Winchester and Remington were my favorites. These were so distinguished looking. And this nice family from Michigan collects them and gives them a wax finish. This was the big ticket item… love at first sight.

So what did I end up getting this time?

1. We went back to see if the counter stools from the other day were still there and they were! So I took it as a sign that it was meant to be, negotiated a very good price and loaded ’em in the car.

2. We went for the chair… this isn’t a great picture of it, but it is more handsome in real life. I’m thinking some slick white or bright orange cushions would be fun, what do you think?

3. Four of these. I’m in love and they are going to be bedside tables methinks.

I also got a stone pillar to place a sculpture on. It was inexpensive and it makes me feel very Roman. But I forgot to take a picture and I’m now in Colorado about to go fly fishing so I’ll have to post a pic of that baby another day.

Hope you enjoyed Marburger! I highly recommend this antique market as a whole, it’s so full of life and excitement.