Because it’s Monday.

Because I decided to try a beverage last night that may or may not have contained vanilla vodka. And may or may not have tasted like candy…

Because the best things in life have a little sweet and a little tang…

I’m sharing a simple recipe that can be thrown together in a cinch and will make you look fabulous because of how stunning it really looks. It is care of my friend Natalie over at Perry’s Plate and it goes like this:

See how simple the crust is? I used honey from my bees, bzzzzz.

But you could use sugar.

Grated BUTTER! Can you believe it? It thrilled me to grate butter. It was a revelation. Thank you Natalie!

Eggs, honey, water, amen.

Blueberries and sugar, amen.

Brie! Is there anything better than baked brie?

A mound of it all in the center of a whole wheat crust.

A little gathering of the edges and a sprinkle of sugar for some caramelization.

And there it is. Beautiful and rustic and oozing. Just like all good things in life.

Give this a try sometime. It will satisfy and then some.

Blueberry Brie Galette