I went to a little soiree not too long ago to get a little better acquainted with Austin. At the end of the evening a girl in charge was trying to get everyone to take home the table centerpieces. I didn’t think much of it until I looked a little closer and saw what they were using for the vases.

“I must have these!” I exclaimed across the room with a silver jar raised in each hand.

The room hushed and everyone looked at me from above their champagne.

Then I proceeded to take my three favorites while they went back to chattering.

I think these are the coolest because they are made from one of my favorite things ever created for the home kitchen: the mason jar.

To recreate these all you need is:

1. A glass mason jar of any brand and any size.

2. Silver spray paint in metallic or gloss or matte, depending on your mood. Or you could be wild and go for gold.

3. Some newspaper to lay down under the jars so your whole world doesn’t become silver and gold.

Once they’re nice and dry you can put some marbles or smooth pebbles in the bottom to help ground the flowers.

Just think of all of the inexpensive possibilities here with colors and shapes and sizes and flower varieties. It’s a fun way to decorate for all of the upcoming holidays. This is my new favorite discovery. Inexpensive and instantly festive.

Give it a try sometime guys and gals!