A few weeks ago my friend Amy gave me a very neat gift. I get comments on it every time I wear it. So now I’ve started giving it as a gift myself. I’m such a copy cat. But when I see something that I like, I want to evangelize it. Plus it’s made by an independent seller and I think she’s so crafty that you should know about her.

It’s called Key of A and it is an Etsy Shop.

This is the bracelet Amy gave me. Can you tell what it is made out of? The charm dangling by the clasp should give you a hint.

If you’re not a bracelet person, there are necklaces with funky chains.

Or there is a different style of bracelet. A more ornate cuff style.

There are stud earings which are simple and beautiful and rustic all at once.

Or if you’re not a jewelry person, then there are money clips of various sorts. I loved this one. It makes me want to start carrying a money clip at all times and flash it around.

If you’re not into shot shell hardware, do not fear. Key of A has other sorts of hardware. Typewriter keys for example! I bought one of these as a gift recently for a literary type friend.

These are fun and cheeky and flirty. I think they would make a good Valentines gift.

Or these which are a bit more simple and elegant.

Check out the Key of A Etsy Shop when you have time, I think there are some nice simple man-gifts there as well.

Over ‘n out.

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