Millet bags! How do I love thee… let me count the ways.

Have you ever heard of homemade millet bags?

I didn’t realize that these magical bags were homemade until a wonderful relative of mine named Doris picked me up from the airport in Dallas a few weeks ago on one of the legs of my book tour. I was sosososo tired and she brought me to her house and popped the millet bag into the microwave while I snacked on mango.

Three minutes later, I had a warm wonderful magical pillow around my neck and on my feet.

“I have to get one of these!” I proclaimed.

“I’ll make you one!” she proclaimed back.

And the next morning I heard the hum of her sewing machine and these beautiful gems were born. In a separate post I’ll go through how to make them at home, but in the meantime, this is how they work.

They are cloth and they are filled with raw millet, which is a grain. You put them in the microwave for about 3 minutes for two of them, a bit less for only 1.

You wait with anticipation.

Then you put them around your neck and feel like the most relaxed girl or boy in the world.

You can put one on your feet too, this is a wonderful treat. Or, you can put it in bottom of your bed under the covers and it will be toasty in there when you get in.

Here are some places I found online where you can buy a microwavable neck pillow if you don’t want to make them… but soon I’ll show ya how to make ’em:

Okay, I’m off to heat up my millet bags.