I did it again, I went to Roundtop, Texas where every six months is the largest antique market I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I’m sure there are many bigger ones, but it’s the biggest I’ve ever been to.

I thought I’d share some of the jewels I stumbled into among the many, many stalls. You may see a theme here… see if you can guess what I am in the market for.

I love old boxes. It’s my thing, lately especially. Six months ago I bought these ones from the Marburger part of the market. So I decided to hold off before committing to any more right off the bat. A girl’s gotta make her rounds first.

I’ve been seeing these out and about a lot lately. They are wooden block stamps. I bought a tiny metal “G” recently so that I can stamp things with my mark. I’m going to stamp the world!

Or at least my notes to people.

These were wooden crates. Similar to wooden whiskey boxes, but more like wine crates. I almost pulled the trigger but they were $25 each so I decided to keep shopping a bit. I wasn’t quite ready to go into American Picker mode and start negotiating.

I became rather enamored of this. Isn’t it cool? I think it was the color palate especially that spoke to me. Plus those Indian moccasins. I’ve been thinking about getting a pair.

More wooden boxes, but these were a cross between a suitcase and a wooden box. I loved the illustration on the front, it was probably an old school tackle box.

How about this trunk?

Or this one? I really liked this one.

I’m in the market for a trunk. But which one? I couldn’t decide quite yet.

I liked this guy. He was intriguing and pensive.

Another trunk. I loved it but not quite the right style for where I need it.

And I liked this lady too. Also intriguing and pensive.

I also liked her sweater.

The market is full of signs. One day I’m going to have a space devoted to old signs and line the walls with them.

This is my favorite building in Roundtop. I like that it has “Merry Christmas” permanently painted on the structure. It speaks to me. Have I told you that I’ve started spontaneously listening to Christmas music in the off season? You should try it.

More crates! These were asking $30 though, and not quite as nice as the others.

But inside there were all kinds of interesting old tins.

Don’t you wish that rice still came in these kinds of tins?

Or that cigarettes still came in these kinds of tins?

For a little snack break I went into Roundtop which is scattered with small precious buildings. This is their Chamber of Commerce!

There was also a cute little bakery full of pies.

And a nice porch for sitting. And pie eating.

This is one of my favorite parts of the market. It’s called “Clutter.” They have old china and interesting stylish home decor.

Like this.

I really wanted this pig. I think it tapped into my persistent childhood plans to get a potbelly pig. It never happened and so I still wish… but I’m not sure where I’d put this pig right now.

And what do you suppose it is made out of?

Who needs a foot? There were two, but they were both right feet. I was thinking of flanking my doorway with them. I think they would make a good conversation piece.

More signs. I loved the one for sundaes.

Petrified wood! I adore petrified wood. I remember driving through Arizona and seeing oceans of it. This black color is just gorgeous. What a good stool they would make.

Who needs a pair of bathroom sinks? I know where you can get them.

Or a… Roman colannade thingy? That’s a technical term by the way.

Or just the front part of a car?

This area of the market is called “Excess.”

These coolers were popular this year. There’s one coming up that I loved the best.

Does anyone know what “Double Cola” is?

Fun Dr. Pepper sign.

And this! A beautiful leather case carved with a moose design. I want. I want much.

Ha! Oh wonder bread… do they still make this stuff? It reminds me of my childhood when I’d sneak to the local deli where they had stacks of this stuff and I’d order some naughty things and put it on “my account.”

Another cool tin. I could also fill a room full of tins to go with the room full of signs.

This is it! The old school cooler that I thought was… cool. A cool cooler. Amen.

This was my favorite sign of all. I loved the color palette.

This is a small trailer called “Bambi” that I saw online the other day. I’ve been thinking that I want a trailer and this might be just the right size for me.

A boat. I don’t think it floats. But it sure looks nice.

This fellow is very talented at re-purposing items into furniture.

Take these couches for example. I adored them.

Here’s another.

And another. It looks like they were old shipping boxes perhaps? And he gave them a new life.

Oh! Did I mention that I was with my friend Paul Michael? The original American Picker? I was making the rounds with him. These were some chairs he spotted that had really nice form.

We inspected this old locker as well.

And this lawn chair turned rocker! He just bought the chairs.

I think I want to own a very large “G” soon.

And I would like to station this sign outside of my house in Austin to mess with my neighbors.

This painting intrigued me. Once again I think it was the color palette.

A room full of signs, just like the one I’m going to have one day.

Raise your hand if you know what the Owensboro is. I don’t but would like to.

I think I might start writing my books on this. What do you think? It might take 10 years but no biggie.

Oh actually, I think it’s a cash register.

An art easel turned into a lamp.

These were the biggest horns I’ve ever seen. Okay, they’re elephant tusks. Horn-like. I could make a bugle out of them I think.

Plumbing knobs!

Do people still hunt with slingshots? I missed that class.

When my red ones wear out I’m going to buy these.

Doors, doors, doors. Beautiful ones. They don’t make ’em like this anymore.

Paul Michael is closing a deal. This is how it happens.

p.s. look at the amazing root beer tap in between them!

I loved this sign too.

Bicycle forks. It was an impulse buy. Paul Michael is thinking he’ll make a chandelier out of them.

These rocked my world. It’s an old butcher paper dispenser. I was trying to figure out all of the ways I could incorporate butchers paper into my life but I couldn’t think of enough to own this. I’m still regretting it though…

Okay. THESE were the boxes for me. You’ll see why in a few days when I post what I did with them. And guess what? I put my American Picker hat on and got them for less than the other two, smaller options. Go me.

Pillars. You can build an estate around them.

Paul Michael contemplating the pile of antlers. Do you remember what he does with the antlers? Here’s a clue.

It’s important to pick the best antlers though. The ones with the right shape and thickness.

These are the ones we ended up with. They were fastened to the front of the John Deere and away we went…

…to make some more deals. Actually, Paul Michael made the deals, I just sat there and was generally unhelpful. But I learned a lot about how to buy 8,000 square feet of gymnasium floor from a guy in Kansas, that’s for sure.

p.s. I liked this sign too.

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