I’m really loving these cards that I stumbled across not too long ago and I thought you should know about them too.

Perhaps it’s the nostalgia I feel when I see them because I have such a jolly time when I hunt in England… or that I like to roam around England looking at the pretty doors and the old pubs and talking in a British accent… but these cards tickled my fancy.

They are by a photo journalist named Melissa Volpi who is based in the UK but travels the world to document country sports, travel, food and cultural traditions… all of the things that I love in the world.

This note card is of a gamekeeper in the British moors, don’t you just love it? Look at those clouds! There’s something unmistakable about the clouds on the moors.

And here is a “beater,” beating the birds out of the bushes and grass.

The UK has such an amazing tradition with hunting and food…

This print just encapsulates it for me.

And two men conferring with such earnestness. I love their boots. And their red socks. The British know how to dress for a hunt.

The wildflowers and the silhouette in this print are pure romance.

And the dogs, a staple in this kind of hunting tradition.

I love, love, love this design. It’s a hand printed Scottish Fox! You can get them as a set of 5 cards or individually.

Here is where you can check out her *shoppe.* She does prints and cards among other things: Melissa Volpi

I think they would make a great gift for just about anyone, don’t you? They’re jaunty yet inspiring at once!