I have to tell you about my big blue boots because I’m in love with them and I didn’t know you could be in love with boots until now.

They were a birthday gift and I troll around Austin in them just to go to the movies, even though they’re boots for trolling around the woods in. But I don’t care! They make me feel that all is right in the world. They speak to my soul.

They’re made of waxed canvas. And the back of the heel is supported with steel. Extra badass. Rubber, steel, and waxed blue canvas.

Actually just this moment, I realized they also remind me vaguely of something a British soldier would wear. I’m not sure if a British soldier would wear something even remotely similar to this but I imagine that’s what they would wear in the olden days.

They also come in beige. But the blue is what spoke to me and said, “You need me.” That’s an exact quote.

Here is a peek down the inside. It’s a long tunnel. The only downside is that it does take a bit of time to lace ’em up and lace ’em down. But it is worth it.

Here’s the sole. Good chain-link traction.

Here’s another happy girl who also is in love with her boots.

They make them for men too, I just don’t have a picture of a happy man in his boots. But I imagine they make men happy too.

Furthermore, they have a shorter version that comes with a shearling lining. I bet they would be so warm and toasty in the snow.

Furthermore, they have a shorter pair that comes in brown leather. Very classic and handsome.

Furthermore, these would be my favorite gardening shoes. When my green and navy checkered rubber gardening shoes bite the dust, I’m moving on to these.

Furthermore, these are hand made in America, Maine to be exact. And have been made there since 1912. Check out this video to see their history.

Furthermore, what the heck happened to L.L. Bean? They are so stylish suddenly… that is where My Big Blue Boots are from. They’re technically called the L.L. Bean Maine Hunting Boot. But I prefer My Big Blue Boots.

There are men’s versions and women’s versions.

You can check ’em out here: My Big Blue Boots. If you’re in the market for a pair, these will make you happy.

p.s. This is not a paid endorsement. L.L. Bean has no idea who I am, I just like their Big Blue Boots. Over n’ Out.