Remember those nifty old crates I bought from the Roundtop antique market?

Well this is what I did with them…

You’ll need some landscape fabric to help you keep the drainage even in the box. That’s easy to find at a large garden supply store.

Here is the box I used… it’s a larger variety, but you could also find old crates from a variety of places like:

  • A wine store
  • A grocery store
  • A thrift store
  • A farmers market

I went with these because they’re a bit larger. And I liked the fun ink branding… for a brand of cantaloupes it seems.

You’ll cut your planting fabric so that it can fill the planter with enough room to hang over the edges. You may need to cut two lengths and overlap them so they cover the full width of your planter.

Then you’ll need a good bag of soil, which you’ll fill up about 3/4 of the way.

Then tuck in your plants!

Any excess fabric you can tuck into the sides so it looks neat.

I’ve been watering mine every seven days with Miracle Grow and I already have little tomatoes budding.

This is a lot less ambitious than I was with the garden at Tulipwood last year, where I planted 20 + varieties of fruits and vegetables. This year, I’m focusing on about 8 things, plus a bunch of herbs.  This method would be perfect for you if you’re in a space with less land the way I am right now.

Give it a try! It’s super super easy and fruitful. Get it? Fruitful? Harhar.