I wear a compass around my neck sometimes. It makes me feel like a sailor.

It also helps me find my way. I’m known for being lost… a lot. GPS often fails me. So I wear a compass!

Plus, it’s a nice accessory. The one I have is from my friend Wenderly. She gave it to me as a gift and I can’t get enough of it. I was trolling the internet looking for others out there and here is what I’ve found. Mine has a white face with black lettering, but it turns out there are so many other options.

And I think they would make a great gift for a fellow or a lady.

Check ’em out!

52mm Compass and Clinometer

50mm Brass Compass

58mm Antique Brass Compass

These are all from this place on Etsy: Sema ECE Shop


Brass Compass Necklace

From the: Pinar Mavituna Shop

Compass Earings. Though you would have to look at your ear in a mirror for them to give you any kind of direction. Rather complicated. But stylish!

These are from: Green Tree Jewelry

Miniature Brass Compass Necklace

From: Gwen Delicious Shop

Brass Compass Necklace

From: Manic Muse Shop

Compass Ring

From: Out of the Blue Shop

I think a good compass is a girl’s best friend. Plus, it’s fun to feel like a sailor. Check these out on Etsy, I bet there are more that I didn’t find, so feel free to post links in the comments!