I’ve been decorating a bit here and there. Slowly, very slowly. I built the planter box, a poured a concrete fountain (which turned out to not be the best idea seeing as I lost a layer of skin on my hands when I decided to mold it by hand), and I bought a shed antler chandelier, and then some cool bar stools from Roundtop. Oh, and my friend Paul Michael gifted me this amazing hunting board that he built. It is so that I can ride up to it on my horse and access my glass of whiskey without having to dismount. I’m serious.

Anyway. Even though I hunt for my meat I don’t have any taxidermy on the walls. I’m not one of those people who is opposed to it, in fact it makes sense to me if it was a particularly memorable and fierce foray into the wilderness and you want to always remember it. But in my case, it just doesn’t go with my interior home aesthetic. Maybe one day when I have my hunting lodge.

But here is what does go with my interior home aesthetic and I thought you’d want to know about them because they’re awesome. I found them at my favorite vintage/modern/antique home decor store in Fredricksburg, Texas. It is called “Red” and it is definitely worth a special journey if you ever come this way.

Meet my friend: Billy Bison

And my friend: Bucky

And my friend: Eyan Elephant

And we can’t forget: Fred Moose

Fred is such a character. You should see him after he has a few cocktails.

Then there is my pal: Longhorn

And let’s not forget: Robbie Rhino

And the small but unforgettable: Rambling Robbie

And the clever: Wayne Fish

All of these come in various sizes, usually small, medium and large. And they all come in white or brown. I personally own Bucky and Eyan Elephant in the large white versions. It can take some time to put together, it’s like a numbered puzzle game, but I did it while watching “Annie Hall” and got it done. Plus they are so unbelievably light weight that mounting them on your wall is much, much easier than it would be for the real thing.

Check these out! The link to each is under the photos. Just another tip from your interior designer (not) friend over here.