I have a jar obsession. Really it is getting serious. But after a lifelong commitment to the mason jar, my love is wavering and I have a new crush.

Have you heard about Weck jars?

Here are some of the ways I’ve used them recently:

To poach loquats.

To make herbal sugars.

And here is how I’ve used my first love, the mason jar recently:

Homemade maraschino cherries.

Here are some of the styles available in the Weck. I like the rubber liner and the metal clamp that goes with the lid. And the decidedly German lines to the design. The website pictures don’t do them justice at all, but there are…

Weck cylindrical jars

Weck deco jars

Weck mold jars

Weck mini mold jars

Weck juice jars

Weck tulip jars

To name a few.

Then there are the old fashioned mason jars which I love for their tradition and their sometimes plump proportions and the nostalgia I feel for all of the grandmothers of generations past when I look at them.

They were originally patented in 1858 in New Jersey by the son of a Scottish farmer named John Landis Mason. They were a diversion from the opaque jars that were sealed with a cork a wax, and they immediately took off. There was just something about a clear jar and a screw top lid…

Some styles include:

Ball regular half pint jars

Ball regular pint jars

Ball Collection Elite wide mouth pint jar

Ball regular pint and half (24 oz.) jar

Ball wide mouth one quart jar

Ball half gallon wide mouth jar

Just to name a few.

Oh I can’t decide which I love more. Maybe I will be forever torn.

Which do you prefer?

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