Today is day 3 of my cookbook giveaway week. There are so many wonderful cookbooks out this fall! “Afield” is one of my favorites. I know Jesse Griffiths personally because he also lives in Austin and owns the amazing store Dai Due, devoted to sausage, charcuterie and all things delicous. I am often one of the many patrons standing in line on a Saturday morning waiting for a bite of something delicious he is cooking up. We share stories of our favorite meats from our hunting adventures and chat about all of the ways we do or want to cook them up.

Jesse is the real deal. He is authentic and devoted to what he does, and he does it all well. The connection he feels to food, and having a hand in every part of the process is an extension of who he truly is and how he wants to lead his life. And what’s best is that he leads by example and inspires people, he shows doesn’t tell, and it has earned him a devoted following.

He is the kind of guy who will hunt teal on the outskirts of Austin early in the morning, then head to the farmers market and cook wild boar tacos for a line of people down the block. He lives what he loves.

And his food is delicious, which isn’t always easy to accomplish with wild foods.



One of the great things about this book is that it has step-by-step photographs on how to butcher. It’s a real “how-to” guide.

And it also has this. Amen.

This is one of those books that you will keep going back to and referring to for real advice and wisdom.

It will be about the recipes but also about the knowledge.

You will hold the weight of it in your hands and say, “I’m so glad I own this book.”

And guess what? I’m giving 3 copies of it away today to some lucky guys or gals. And if you just can’t wait, you can buy it wherever books are sold.


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