Hello from Patrick Creek!


Some of you may have noticed that my site has been wonky for a couple of days. And some of you, like me, may have gotten a strange email from me about my new website called “Life on Patrick Creek.”

Well I’m here to tell you that Life on Patrick Creek is over. Just over. I’ll spare you the gooey details, but my host company deleted my database and it took some time to figure that out and recover it. And for some reason when this happened the name of my site changed to Life on Patrick Creek. And since I’ve been writing my book like a mad woman I was just hoping that the problem would go away. But it didn’t.

Then I started thinking about what life on Patrick Creek was really like and where Patrick Creek was exactly and maybe I needed to be there instead of writing my book. And that maybe it was a sign that I should just start writing a blog about my life on a Creek and all of the trout I caught there for breakfast and the old beaver named Ed that was building a dam there.

While I contemplated this life change, some smart tech people (read: not me) went in there to the underbelly of my website and did a little massaging.

And now things are back to normal. Or abnormal. Depending on how you view my website and its myriad content. So Life at Patrick Creek was over before it started… I’ll always wonder what could have been.

Here is what you missed about my life while my site was down. Because I’m sure you couldn’t live without these titillating details:

1. I made a homemade flower press for my next book and photographed it. I chose to do this with the door open, which resulted in 100 mosquito bites on my ankles. Read, not 99, but 100.

2. I decided to buy this red truck. I thought it would better suit my image for Life on Patrick Creek.

3. I used a belt sander to sand some glass. Also a project for my forthcoming book.

4. I drank a root beer float with vanilla ice cream. And then when I finished the soda I added more ice cream and ate it with the straw.

5. I saw Argo and loved every minute. I also loved going to a movie by myself.

6. I filled out a bunch of boring paperwork.

7. I became officially obsessed with John Ailey on KUT, NPR’s Austin affiliate. I especially liked when he interrupted a song to tell us that he found a roach in his shower that morning. I think more radio hosts should be defiant and uncencored and eat while they are on air. It’s so refreshing.

8. I listened to Billie Holiday on an evening drive home and it was the definition of bliss.

9. I returned the red truck because Life on Patrick Creek was over and it just didn’t make sense anymore.

Thanks for bearing with me on this rocky journey that we share here. More soon as I head to Montana this weekend for a fun-filled girls adventure weekend.

Bye for now,

Your friend from Patrick Creek

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