If you are looking for early holiday gifts before the mad rush begins, let me make the best suggestion of all suggestions there ever were… the one true pan, the one true cookware in the world!

CAST IRON, my friends.

I’m obsessed, as you know.

Here are some good deals on cast iron so you can make…

…this recipe.

Or this recipe.

3-Piece Cast Iron Skillet

I don’t know what I’d do without a cast-iron skillet. I cook and bake practically everything in one. My favorite thing to make in this is my “skillet stuffing” because you cook everything in one pan that looks great served on the table too.

But the best part has to be the clean up…because there is no clean up required. You just wipe the skillet with some paper towels and you’re done. No need to wash. In fact if you wash it like you do normal cookware, you’ll damage that wonderful “seasoned” effect you get over time.

Cast Iron Triple Serving Dish

Have I ever mentioned how much I love cast iron? It always gets super hot and gives your foods that yummy and crispy brown exterior. Plus, it’s something that gets better with age. The more you cook on it, the more seasoned and non-stick it becomes. You can’t really say that about any other kind of cookware.

Now even if you already have a cast-iron skillet (something passed down from your grandma perhaps?) I thought I’d show you something you definitely don’t have, but definitely need. It’s cast-iron cookware and serveware in one. The great thing about it is you’ve got 3 different sections so you can cook 3 different things at once. Just make sure to time it right, but I’ve done cornbread, stuffing and Brussels sprouts at the same time and they all took about 30 minutes. When you’re done cooking, you can pretty much take the whole thing and set it on the table. It looks great as is and gives your table that inviting and from-grandma’s-kitchen kind of feeling.

If you’re in love with your cast-iron skillet as much as I am, then you’ve got to have this. It’s got the best of cast iron plus a ton of versatility.

7 Impression Cornbread Pan

If you’ve had cornbread made out of a cast-iron skillet, you know it’s the best thing ever. The heat gives you that slightly crunchy exterior and it tastes way better than anything you can make in the oven.

So I thought I’d up the fun factor with a cast-iron mold shaped like corn on the cob! Don’t tell me that’s not a clever way to do cornbread. You’ll be a hit at the Thanksgiving table.

Cast Iron Reversible Griddle

As much as I love my charcoal grill, it’s not coming with me when I’m camping; well lest I have a friend who doesn’t mind lugging an extra 50 pounds worth of steel and charcoal. What I really need is a cool steel grill like this.

The legs fold out so it’s really a small and flat piece of equipment to pack with you. And it sits pretty low so you don’t need a roaring fire for the heat to touch your food. It’s super sturdy so I usually grill my foods directly on top, but you can also bring a lightweight (leave the cast-iron at home!) pan and put that on top. Trust me, your campground BBQ just got a little easier…on your back especially.

Do you use cast iron? What’s your favorite shape and size?

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