Because Christmas is fast approaching and Hanukah is in our midst, and because I’ve gotten a lot of requests for signed books that I haven’t been able to fulfill lately with my nutty schedule, I’m giving away signed bookplates today that you can paste into a copy of Girl Hunter if you plan to give it as a gift.

The first 50 people that send a screen shot or picture of their book receipt, or a photo of the book they purchased will get a signed book plate in the mail in time for Christmas!

To Enter:

Email with a screen shot or picture of your Girl Hunter book receipt, or a picture of the book you are giving as a gift along with your mailing address. And you’re all set! Just paste it in your book when it arrives.

About the Book:

Named one of the Top 10 Sports Books of 2012 by Booklist

“Foodie blogger Pellegrini has crafted a memoir rich both in her hunting experiences and ruminations on what it means to kill what you eat. Without romanticizing, she digs deep into a level of Americana that few have captured on the page.”
– Booklist

“Girl Hunter reads a bit as though Eudora Welty wrote a cookbook.” – Bitch Magazine

“With a poet’s eye toward a conscious dinner, Pellegrini takes her readers on a search, not just for wild game but for what she calls a ‘primal part’ of one’s being. I couldn’t stop reading as Pellegrini dug into this foray with gusto and blood, which gives her book an occasional Lord of the Flies feel that’s usually abutted by thoughts so beautiful that you want to weep.” – GO Magazine

“Girl Hunter is an evocative account of Pellegrini’s gun-to-table experiences…It’s an unlikely pairing of Nigella Lawson’s culinary skills and Hemingway’s grit.” – Macleans

“Ms. Pellegrini takes the conversation on sourcing our food beyond the farmers market, beyond the local-pastured, organic meat of even the most specialized butcher’s shop. She’s gone into the fields for herself and echoes José Ortega y Gasset’s philosophical defense of hunting—that there is something worthwhile in the wild, something we need, and that our modern lives don’t scratch the itch, they only disguise it.” – Wall Street Journal

“[Pellegrini’s] book has a Carrie Bradshaw meets Annie Oakley vibe…She’s an exotic meats tourist.”
– New York Times


May your holiday be merry and bright, my friends!