I am awestruck by your beautiful answers. They made me laugh, that made me cry, and most importantly they reminded me of the beauty of humanity. If you are looking for inspiration I recommend reading the answers to my contest question below in the comments, they will bring you joy.

In no particular order, the 10 winners are:

Julie Edwards: “I am totes in love with my beagle. She is the best thing that ever happened to me…(well, not really but I like to think so). We go together like peas and carrots. Her name is Cocoa Beans. I named her beans originally but my dad added the cocoa so when we let her loose to chase rabbits in the bean field behind our house he wouldn’t look so funny yelling for “Beans” to come back.”

Terri McInturff: “What I love most today is having an 84 year old Momma, who still goes hunting and I get to go with her and share in those precious memories. I am sooooo blessed. Would love your book.”

M Westgate: “As a positive person, I love most things in the life I have; however, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day I will say I love my husband the most. My husband Ken is the type of man that legends are made of, he is good looking, but most of all he is a man of honor, commitment, he stands up for him self and sets the same standard for his friends and loved ones. He is caring and loving when it is time; but, he is also the type of man that will tell you the truth no matter what. He is my hunting partner, gardening supporter, and even canning helper in the kitchen. Some of my best memories of life are in the woods with him. Do not believe I am so blind by love to not see faults; everyone has them, including Ken, but as most relationships you build a foundation that grows and working through the hard times makes the future that much sweeter. This is similar to cooking, not every recipe goes well the first time you try it, sometimes the bad batches make the one you get correct that much better.”

Jon Brierton: “… every morning, upon awakening : “another chance”…”

Julia Knudsen: “My new Muck Boots that keep my feet dry when I am feeding the chickens, taking out the compost and most importantly splashing in puddles with my two girls!”

Chris Havard: “What I love most is waking up every morning next to my wonderful sleeping wife. Getting out of bed, going to my son’s room and watch while he sleeps. At that very moment everything is right in my world.”

Dominic: “I love my daughters & although they are not old enough to read I’d like to one day introduce them to your book and say “you only have to live within the boundaries you set for yourself, you really can do anything”

Liz Clark: “Ponies, and baby goats!”

Duane Cartledge: “I love my wife, who is also the best Friend I have ever had! She is “The Girl of my dreams” and “Love of my Life” ! I can’t even imagine life without her. We will be married 25 years on 10/01/13.”

Jeffery: “I love that I am not homeless, which I was for a while last year (and it was worse than I ever could have imagined). Life can be hard, but it can get better, too.”


…because of that very true fact, I’m giving away 10, ten, TEN, 10! copies of the new paperback edition of my book “Girl Hunter.”

It is my Valentines card to you, lovely readers.

To Enter:

To enter, tell us in the comments what you love most in life at this particular moment. Is it fritos? Your new Essie nail polish color “Cabana Boy”? (That’s mine). The devilishly handsome milk man? (Okay, fine, milk men are gone, but shouldn’t we bring them back? I for one would like a milk man. Long live milk men!). The color taupe?

One entry per person, please.

Winners announced Friday!