I returned from vacation this week. It is such a funny word to roll around the tongue. I plan to use it more as a result of a promise I made to myself.

And while I was on said vacation I got to do a lot of reading, much more than I normally accomplish in my daily life. I discovered all sorts of cool things out there in the world as I browsed. They are a few of my favorite things being made by artisans in this fair country of ours.

So I thought I’d share them for you to enjoy and ogle.


These blankets from Nordt Family Farm complete me. She makes one blanket at a time on her loom from the merino sheep she keeps on her farm.


This fire pit art is going to be the first thing I buy when I build my home in Austin. I’ll invite you all over for some roasted meats. They are made of quarter-inch thick steel in Tennessee, in all shapes and sizes.


This handmade wooden rocking chair from Wood Studio will also be going into my new home. It has been made by the same family, The Cochrans, for 30 years in various shades of stretched saddle leather. Say that out loud… “stretched saddle leather.” Doesn’t it make you want one of those chairs?


This axe from Council Tool really aught to be a piece of art. Crafted by a family in North Carolina, the handle is made from Appalachian hickory. It’s perfect to bring camping or store under your car seat to fend off zombies.


Sideshow Sign Co. in Nashville, Tenneessee makes these amazing signs by hand, custom, over the course of several months. I really, really, want the one pictured above. For the front yard of my Austin home.



There is some inspiration to start off the week.

Happy Monday Friends!