If you’ve been reading this site for a while, then you have read about my favorite antique market in America. It takes place west of Austin on the way to Houston in an area called Warrenton and Round Top. It is miles, and miles, and miles of antique dealers from around the country who set up for a few weeks in March and October of every year. There are so many treasures there it really is a sensory experience.


I go down twice a year to meet up with my friends from The Paul Michael Company who do a lot of business there. So I thought I’d share some snap shots of the colorful time I had.


They set up their own booth this year to sell some of the things they make in their workshop back in Arkansas. Like these chairs made out of skis! I love ’em.


While I was there I bought you a bike. One for each of us. Which would you like?


Paul Michael made this gun cabinet. If you look closely the base is lined with cowhide. Tres cool.


Paul also made this table out of sunken cypress that was pulled from the bottom of the Mississippi. It is over 1,000 years old. I don’t know about you, but I personally would like to eat from a 1,000 year old piece of wood every day. That’s history, man!


I met some Cajuns while I was there. That is one of them driving around on his Segway with his camo beer coolers on each side of him. I had never spent time with people who had true Cajun accents before and I was so intrigued. I can’t even explain the accent. It is almost like ten other accents I can think of, as if they are all mushed together.

photo6I drove around with Paul for a bit and watched him do his thing. He bought these very neat lanterns that were from coal mines. I think they would make a great light fixture for a kitchen, a little modern and a little antique.photo7

I was tempted to buy this stove. Except for the small detail about how I have nowhere to put it. I love old stoves.


You’ll see all kinds of strange sites at this antique market. Like a man driving around his truck with a horse head in the back.


Or a man driving around his truck with a devil head in the back.

I’m very curious about what he plans to do with this devil head.


I loved this double sided bench that Paul has. I like the idea of putting it in the middle of a deck for parties.


I stayed with my friends in an old farmhouse they had rented. It is owned by a German man who had portraits of his family members dating waaay back. I think this was a great great grandmother of sorts.


And this was one of her offspring. Or maybe it was vice versa. I lost track.


Staying in the farmhouse felt a bit like living the way the people did in this picture. No TV, no cell service, no nothin’. It was kind of lovely.


My room was in the attic which you accessed from the porch.


There were beds on either side of the attic. It felt like a hideout.


The next day there was more picking to do. One of Paul’s customers bought a table that was made from wood salvaged from a bank in Chicago. She told me about this green home she was building and gave me the scoop about home building in general, since… I’m going to build a home! Sshh, don’t tell anyone.


Debbie Michael discovered an old camera in mint condition with the most amazing leather case I’d ever seen.

photo16And I discovered a cage for a new cage fighting business that I am starting.

photo17I also discovered a whole array of axes for my lumberjack business.


And this hot tamale cart. I may start pedaling hot tamales in my spare time.


There are tons of signs at this antique market. I am on a “letter” kick these days, ever since I did that post here which included an artisan who will make them custom for you. I want a big TX in my life with blinking lights.


My friend Frank Fortress came down to visit Round Top with me as well. He was trying on some potential outdoor chairs for size. He gets to look for his restaurant projects as well which is fun.


Other things at Round Top included this hat scale…


These colorful letters…


Some wooden carts… (I’d love to plant in these! Moveable gardens anyone?)


This rolling set of drawers…photo41

A sign, one of many wonderful signs.


A metal set of drawers…


A table made from bowling alley flooring!


Some canoe paddles. And yes, that’s Johnny Depp in that picture.


This mid-century modern bar set.


These shelves made by Paul Michael, using old window frames. Plus some framed local coral.  photo33

These… what do you call them? I call them an art installation.photo32

I loved this too… the clear glass and metal frame was fabulous.


How about this rolling table with a wine rack?


And this coat hanger… man, I was in love.


These outdoor chairs were intriguing because of their proportions.


And these wings… well, they just belonged on a wall over a bed of some sort.


Jake Michael told the crazy Cajuns driving on the Segway that if they went and found a grill he would make us dinner. And they literally went and bought one from another booth and brought it back. So we had burgers.

Also… doesn’t he look like Elvis’s long lost son?


Another night, my friend Dan played his guitar. The guy is a master, you should hear him.


We spent a lot of time trying to figure out what these were for. We decided they were beer holders.


And now… I want to show you my purchase. I saw it and I gasped and I decided it had to be mine. It is a basket purse. So that I am ready for a picnic at all times. Word on the street is that Audrey Hepburn always carried a basket purse. So I’m going to work the streets Audrey Hepburn style for the summer. I just hope it doesn’t rain.


We went back to the farm house again and Dan played some more and Paul sang and we had one of those times that you always remember… that is how most of my times are when I visit my friends the Michaels. My friend Frank Fortress had met them for the first time and on our drive back to Austin he just shook his head in amazement. I love it when I bring my friends together and they love each other as much as I love them.

If you have never been to this antique market, it is worth a special journey! To see my posts from year’s past, visit this post, this post, and this post.

Happy Friday my friends!