One of my favorite things about living in Austin is that it is a place of constant creativity. There are so many different kinds of artists that come in and out of this city every year and so many who find themselves attracted to this place, wanting to make it a home. When people ask me why I moved to Austin my answer is usually, “For Austin.” I travel a lot and have been blessed to experience a lot of different cities, but when I was deciding where I wanted to make my new home there was something about Austin that resonated with my soul.

It turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. I made friends immediately and have as big a network here in 2 years as I do in New York where I’m born and raised. That says something about a town and the people that it fosters.

I recently discovered an artist in this town whose work I really admire, and since I’m always on a quest to promote small scale producers of amazing things, I am so happy to share her work with you here. I’m also happy to say that I can call her a friend.

Augustina Rodriguez founded Agi Miagi in 2009. She describes her work as: “A design and fabrication studio of lighting. With a commitment to quality and a mission to integrate current manufacturing practices with craft, the brand is inspired by the impact lighting has on our everyday experience.”

Before I show you her lighting, here are some of her other pieces which I’m in love with:


This is one of my favorites, an ingenious way to store your cutlery without all of those perfect little compartments. It’s more organic yet the design is structured and beautiful.BBIITT_PROD_CUCHILLO

A side view.


This wooden laser cut bowl is stunning. I love the idea of it sitting at the center of a table and holding whatever is in season.


Here is a slightly different shape.veneer_with_label

These laser cut wooden coasters would be a stunning gift.veneer_group_small

Little pieces of art on your table.    cork_flower_label

A different texture and material.coasters_b_small

Almost like wooden wheels.


Here is a plastic-type material.


Snowflakes almost. Lovely for the winter time.


And these are fabulous for their color.



Augustina recently gave me one of these journals and that’s when I really investigated to learn more about her work. I have it sitting at my desk as I write this and am trying to decide what creative endeavor I am going to devote to those thirty crisp pages.


The designs are all slightly different.


Which means you could devote one journal to each creative endeavor in your life.

BBIITT_PRODUCT_STATIONARYThere are laser cut greeting cards too which I love.


There are ones that pop up too.


But if I had to pick one thing of hers to buy it would be her lighting.


There are three of these natural cut cardboard lanterns hanging from the ceiling of my office and they give the place a special feeling.


They come in various modern colors.


And there is the option for floor, table, or pendant lamps as well as cardboard or coroplast material.


And within each style and material there are several shapes to choose from.


They add a bit of fun to a clean modern space.


As well as a bit of romance to more rustic spaces.


I really can’t get enough of them. I think I might get one of each.


And in a way that is the best part about them, you can mix and match and layer and they all go well together.


Here are some close ups to ponder.


I like this pale blue especially.


And this bright orange especially.


I couldn’t decide.


I think they would make a great gift as well. They have a universal appeal.


To browse her lamp collection visit her Agi Miyagi website.

To browse her other collections visit here.

All inquiries please email

(Photography by Crawford Morgan)