I have waited quite a while to write this post, because, well, I wanted to eat my way through Austin before I felt like I was an authority on these things. Of course everyone in Austin has their own favorite spots that are near and dear to their heart. But seeing as I’m fairly new here, I like to think I have a fresh, unbiased perspective.

Below is my list, in no particular order, of the 9 best bites of food (and sips of drink) that I’ve had here in Austin to date. This list is of course subject to change, as I continue my food safari.

But since everyone seems to be coming to Austin these days, including Jim and Pam from The Office, I hope it will help you cut straight to the good stuff, and not waste any time on the rest when you swing through this fair town that I love so much.

And of course if you have any favorites, shout ’em out in the comments!

SputnikPhoto credit: Austin Chronicle
  • The “Altered Beast Burger” at Sputnik. (This is the best burger you will ever have. Ever. The aesthetic of the location will surprise you perhaps. And then you will settle in to pure burger bliss.)


  • The “Lobster Roll” at Clark’s Oyster Bar. (I have been known to be on the lobster roll diet in this town. *Burp*)
  • The “Iced Tea” at Josephine House. (Who knew that an iced tea could make you feel so classy and taste so crisp. It is served in the thinnest of glass and with a big slice of orange. And the coaster you’ll want to take with you as a souvenir. Plus Josephine House is the perfect spot to sit out in the sun and have a nice chat with the ladies.)
eastsideking_web-9Photo credit: blog.zagat.com
  • The “Chicken Karage” at East Side King @ Liberty Bar. (Top Chef winner Paul Qui’s brain child, it is perhaps the best thing that will ever tickle your taste buds in your entire life. Trust me. The location is as grunge as it gets but the earth will peel away and it will just be you and the chicken in no time.)
  • The “Fried Brussels Sprouts Salad” at East Side King @ Liberty Bar (Perhaps the second best thing that will ever tickle your taste buds in your entire life and you can eat it while having the first best thing. See above.)
  • The “Mixta con Pollo Rostizado” at La Condesa. (It is only available during the week at lunch time, but it is worth a special journey. It is a salad to end all salads.)
banana splitPhoto credit: ux.gilt.com
  • The “Banana Split” at Sway. (It serves 3-4 so bring backup. Or just really, really treat yourself. It is an exotic and thrilling experience.)
  • The “Fried Egg and Avocado Sandwich” at 2nd Bar and Kitchen. (The grilled escarole will knock your socks off. And the sweet onions… oh my. Be prepared to have egg yolk squirt out and run down to your elbow. It’s amazing.)
papitinosPhoto credit: Tribeza.com
  • The “Secret Drink” at Papi Tino’s. (It isn’t on the menu anymore, but they will know what you’re talking about if you say it used to be on the menu and has Topo Chico, Tequila and Lime Juice. It’s not too sweet, just how I like my… never mind. Plus they have an upright piano player on most nights who sets the mood perfectly in what feels like a stripped down house from the pioneer days.)

Stay hungry and thirsty my friends.