Oh friends, time does seem to be flying by, every time I look up it is a new month. I’m trying to savor summer, it is hot, hot, hot in Austin and I have a little sunburn to show for it, what is it like where you are?

This are the things that happened to me in June, get ready:


We hosted a fabulous one of my Adventure Getaways, except this time it was for a group of rockin’ bachelorettes. It. Was. So. Fun. If you are a bride or know of a bride that is deciding what to do for her bachelorette party, I can say hands down these are the best kind, waaaay more fun than some weekend in Vegas full of tanned greasy men or a spa with nature music. Of course since each event is custom tailored… we can include those things if one chooses ; )

photo 7

There was some clay shooting…

photo 8

Rides in the back of a pick-up and on ATVs…

photo 24

Homemade fresh mozzarella class!

photo 6

And these sunsets.

photo 9

Appropriate attire… and appropriate beer… you get the idea. I’ll post the full set of pictures soon, but if you’re interested in learning more about private adventure getaways in the meantime, email: becka [at] georgiapellegrini.com

photo 11

Also in June I went to my college reunion. It was so much fun, Wellesley-4-Eva!

photo 15

One of the best parts was that I paid a visit to my great-aunt Gray’s freshman year Wellesley roommate and lifelong best friend, Mary Ellen. She’s 95 and I love her. She still lives down the road.

photo 17

This is what I did with my classmates at reunion.

photo 19

I also saw this peculiar car and wished I could take a ride in it.

photo 12

Also in June I went to NYC for some meetings and I got to see my very favorite girlfriends.

photo 13

We ate this avocado and pea guacamole, which was recommended to me by two NY Times reporters I had just had drinks with and yes that means I had two dinners that night. Why do you ask? The great thing about NY Times food writers is that they know all of the undiscovered food places, all of the holes in the wall that a girl should eat at. I took copious notes.

photo 14

While in New York in June I met up with my friend Joey and we ate a very big sandwich at a dive bar. Sometimes I call him Joey Fly. Or Muffin. Or Jessie when he is being difficult. He calls me Peaches. And before you start writing me emails, no, he is not my boyfriend.

photo 25

I went to visit my family at Tulipwood and met some of the new chickens. I like this one cause she’s blond like me, what shall we name her? She also has fabulous feathered ankles, and as you know I have a thing for chickens with feathered ankles lately.

photo 20

They have all kinds of eggs that we were too busy to collect. Oh how I wish I had my own fresh eggs in Austin. Soon though, soon.

photo 16

Also I saw the guinnea hens who aren’t as organized about where they leave their eggs. You’ve heard all about that before.

photo 18

And while in my hometown I visited her and ate some of her peach pie that nourished my soul.

photo 10

Back in Austin, I spent time with my beloved friend “Frank Fortress,” you’ll be reading about his talent in my next book.

photo 22

I also ate at the new Searsucker restaurant and during their opening party was amazed by this table of meats n’ things.

photo 23

I also helped some fellas filter beer that they were making… but alas, I hear it didn’t ferment properly. Boo.

photo 26

And this parked right outside my office in June! How brilliant is this. I can finally get my daggers and my throwing knives sharpened.

photo 27

In June I rocked on my favorite hammock, which belongs to my friends Katy and Chris. There’s nothing better than a hammock in Summer. This is also the best place to take an online course I discovered.

photo 28

I took a picture of this in June. It is in the middle school where my church meets and I decided it had lessons than even us non-middle schoolers need to be reminded of from time to time.

photo 29

Also, my friends Andrew Zimmern and Molly Mogren and I had fun talking on their podcast “Fork It Over.” You can listen to the segment HERE.


Annnnddd…. my friends at Thrillist wrote this funny piece. Come and meet me in Austin!

photo 1

In June I met a miniature horse at one of the locations I was touring for my Adventure Getaways. I have noticed that miniature horses have a cult following, have you noticed that and do you know why? Please enlighten me. What does one do with a miniature horse?
Deboning a chicken

In June I taught you how to de-bone a bird.

How to Quarter a Chicken

In June, I also taught you how to quarter a bird.

And, of course, one of my favorite tidbits is that I announced my next Adventure Getaway in Montana. Oh what fun we will have. And the best part? Until August 1st, if you sign up with a friend you get a 3rd night’s stay free!

Rock on my friends, rock on.