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This is one of my new favorite summer party decorating tricks. All you need is some poster board and some baking flour. Oh the fun you shall have with this idea in your back pocket. The possibilities are endless.

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Me and my friends in Arkansas decided to make stars since we were celebrating our independence and all. The thing about making stars is that you need to make ’em even. So I recommend finding an existing star ornament or the likes and tracing around it.

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Then you can always make it bigger with a ruler. Bigger is better so that the pattern really stands out on your lawn.

You’ll also want a box cutter or other blade to run against the ruler and cut it out evenly.


This is what it will look like when your stencil is ready.

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Use your feet to evenly space your stencil in a straight line. Orderliness makes quite the difference in the final visual affect.

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I recommend getting a large bag of flour — like a 5 or 10 pound bag. You could go for less if you plan on just doing a small area, but why not do a lot? Life is more fun when you stencil a lot of it.

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You’ll need a flour sifter.

You’ll also need a spray bottle (not shown) which you will fill with water and use to wet the area that you plan to sprinkle the flour on. Spraying the grass will help the flour to stick and be more prominent.

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It helps to have a buddy do this with you, that way one of you can drop the stencil and spray with the bottle while the other scoops flour and sifts it.

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Another tip: if you make three or more stencils the process will go a lot faster because you can work in batches!

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Here is a close up of our patriotic star.

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The hound dogs and the boys enjoyed it thoroughly.

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And it made quite the party presentation, especially when you stagger the rows.

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Give this a try! You can make hearts, stars, triangles, question marks, letters, names, initials… whatever your heart desires.

It’s good honest fun, my friends.