You Guys!

I have been cooking on a really wonderful stove this summer and I wanted to tell you about it because not only is it perfect for your summer camping, picnics, or small patio, but it also supports a cause that is near and dear to my heart.

Here is why:

Three billion people – half the world’s population – need a safer way to cook. This population is in less developed countries and relies on solid fuels of biomass and coal for their cooking needs (open fires or unimproved cookstoves), which isn’t good for them or the environment.


Enter: EcoZoom, which makes clean cookstoves accessible and affordable in developing countries. They especially empower women in the process.

_DSC5271 copy

It is a beautifully designed cooking stove that improves the health and environment of those cooking on rudimentary stoves. You can boil, fry, saute or grill on its top, and fuel it with wood and other natural substances.

Some things that I have cooked with it:


Deer Liver


Wood Fired Hog Loin


Cracklin Bread

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They also have the Z+ Program, our “buy-one-invest-one” program, which means when you buy a stove from them they will zoom a stove to a project in a developing country so it can be used to create new markets for cookstoves OR they’ll use funds equivalent to the cost of a stove to help create a project with potential for growth.

For example, organizations that distribute or sell stoves can get Z+ stoves to try for free instead of looking for grant dollars or donations to do a pilot project. Once the stoves are tested with the local population, the benefits are seen and demand is created.

I’m really excited to share this stove with you. It is beautiful, highly functional, environmentally friendly, and best of all good karma.

Visit the EcoZoom store and shop all of their models.