Y’all, I’m ready for October to be o.v.e.r.  I had heard that October was going to be a tough month for everyone, that Mercury was going to be in retrograde and that basically meant that everything was going to break and get messed up n’ stuff… but seriously I can’t believe all of the ridiculous and nutty first-world problems that have been abound.

September, though, I loved.

Here is why:

2013-10-21_00031. I taught this fearless woman how to hunt. Watch the video HERE. And then I sent her to THIS fearless woman with the feet of her dove and she had them made into jewelry so as to never forget her first kill.


I painted my new garage in my new home in September. It is bright orange, which doesn’t really come through in this photo but trust me… it’s bright. I like driving my car in and out of it. Also, I put gray epoxy all over the floor (not shown) so it is nice and shiny and light gray. I like driving my car on that, too.

2013-10-21_0004While in Arkansas dove hunting in September, we paid a visit to Wal-Mart cause it was the right thing to do. That is Molly and my little bro Gordon playing Vana White at the entrance of Wal-Mart… cause it was the right thing to do.

Also, we explored the reading section while we were there… my favorite title: “Forever… when just one night isn’t enough.” That’s an interesting view on marriage… thanks Nora Roberts!

2013-10-21_0008Molly and I really enjoyed the morning sunrise on our first morning in Arkansas. You can tell by our earnest expressions. That was probably more cause we had cigars and a little whiskey the night before and got up wayyyy early. Or maybe we were just being earnest. We’ll never know will we… well I will but you won’t, ha.


Also, I taught Molly how to clean a dove and we got blood on our boots.2013-10-21_0006This was just part of our dove hunting crew… I love how social dove hunting is. Even though I’m not very good at dove hunting… it’s one of my worst “events” in the hunting Olympics.

2013-10-21_0011Also, what is hard about dove hunting is that you lose your dove in the soy fields real easy (pictured right), and what’s also hard is when your little bro smokes you with his dove hunting skills (pictured left).

Turns out being a center fielder in college baseball gives you really amazing hand-eye coordination for small moving objects.


We were just a bunch of patriots cleaning some doves by the end of it. They are delicious. Make some dove meat as soon as you possibly can, dove meat should be on your bucket list.

2013-10-21_0009So should a really good Cuban.


Speaking of the opposite of hunting… I partnered with J. Crew in September for a fun event at their Austin store. It was wild seeing my book amongst the shoes.


This is the outfit I wore from their Fall collection in case you were wondering.


Speaking of shoes, my mother visited me in Austin… which is basically a September miracle and we had a grand ‘ol time… fixing up my new house… and buying totally awesome hand carved cowboy boots for her. They were carved by a very old man. By hand.


After I sucked at dove hunting, I went to practice at the range a bit to get more comfortable with my fairly new gun. And I rocked some shells in my LV which caused quite the stir. I mean… what is a girl supposed to carry in her purse anyway?

Also in September, I had a serious battle with the cockroaches in my new house.

Guess who won?

You can call me the dragon slayer. Thank you.

What do you think of my manicured look? It’s new… it’s called “post spray paint nails.” And it’s all the rage. All you have to do is spray paint a bunch of chairs and let your hands air dry.


How do you like my new squirrel hand cuffs?

Just kidding, it’s a wire saw. Cause every woman needs a good wire saw for her purse. Never know when a tree is gonna fall in your path.


In September, Charlie turned 2 years old. That serious look on his face is his intense focus as he eyes his birthday steak just outside the frame.

He really lives life that Charlie.


2013-10-21_0021And last, but best of all, in September I had my Montana Adventure Getaway. It was nothing short of magic, one of the most special experiences I’ve had to date on these Getaways. Keep an eye on the New York Times magazine on Sunday November 17th… you’ll see why ; -)

OH! And join me on the next Adventure Getaway in December! More exciting surprises are in store then too…


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