Ladies, I’m sure we can all agree that the quality of clothing available for women to wear in the outdoors is seriously lame. At least the stuff they call “hunting” clothing. It is usually men’s clothing scaled down in size. I pretty much never wear it. It steals my joy.

So what I’ve learned to do is mix it up and find things from mostly non-hunting retailers.

As long as you’re comfortable, warm, dry, and feel distinctly like a woman, then you’ve found the right clothing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And don’t feel like you have to dress like a boy to be a good outdoor adventurer.

Here is what to look for when preparing to join me on one of my Adventure Getaways, or any other trip into the wild:

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Here are some other examples:

1. A Fab Jacket

I love this Beretta jacket.


I also love this one that I own. (How do you like my hawk? His name is Fred. Not really, I made that up. He and I kissed. True story.)

What is nice about it is that it has suspenders so you can have the jacket hang from your shoulders and keep it with you without wearing it when it gets hot.

Exhibit A:


There are so many feminine and well tailored Beretta jacket options, take a look. If you ever make it through New York City or Dallas you should stop into their gallery store for even more options.

The jacket should be comfortable, warm, and durable, wherever you get it.


blue boots

2. Good Boots

I have these great knee length boots from LL Bean’s signature line that are lovely.

Screen shot 2013-10-31 at 12.12.59 PM

These boots are also great because they are lined for the extra cold months.

I also love these amazing Sorel boots in the field.

Screen shot 2013-10-30 at 4.05.04 PM

They’re super easy to slip on and off because they have a draw string on the top so you don’t have to spend hours lacing them up. Just kick them off and recline by the fire. You have plenty of room for thick wool socks in there.


camo pants

3. Cute + Comfortable Pants

Find a feminine camo? Not always that easy, The ones I have are from Zara but there are others out there. For example, these pants are good looking and feminine enough to wear to dinner.

They aren’t waterproof though so if you’re in serious terrain look for something that has a waterproof canvas material so you don’t get stuck by thorns. Just make sure the waist isn’t too tight and the inseam isn’t too short, that’s the worst.

4. Scarf

Just because you carry a gun does not mean you can’t wear a stylish scarf. This one from Burberry I love cause it is so warm, but wherever you get one, just get pretty with it. (See the picture below for another camo scarf option from Ralph Lauren. It served as my Rambo mouth cover at my recent Adventure Getaway in Montana).

5. Vest

Not too cold? Not warm enough? Go for a great vest. Here is one to check out. This one is thin enough to fit under my jacket so that I can have layers to work with.

sureshot(Photo by Marla Meridith)

6. Some fun jewelry!

That bracelet you see  is made from up-cycled shotgun shells! Cute and a conversation starter. I will be launching a line of my own in about 2 weeks… stay tuned for the pretty details.

ray bands
7. Sunglasses

I am so, so light sensitive. These sunglasses can go city to hunting in no time and I don’t step into the daylight without them.


Or you can go more classic hunter with these shooting glasses, but not quite as cute.

8. Hunting Knife

The Laguiole knife, named after a French town, is claimed to be the best knife in the world. I would agree and I’ve done everything from gut a deer to opening a gizzard with it. It’s super sharp, just the right size, and can fit in your pocket. Check them out here.

furr hat
9. Hat

Keeping your head warm is very important in the field (or when butchering), but don’t settle for just another hat. Go fur! And get festive with it.


Here is another favorite. Looking fly is easy in this Orvis Winghhooter’s Hat.


10. A pretty gun (see 10 Rules for Women on Getting the Right Gun Fit + Mount)

Because it’s nice to look at something pretty while you wait for your dinner 😉

What are your favorite things to wear in the outdoors?

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