It’s finally Friday! In the spirit of modern pioneering, I only thought it would be fit to share some of the small-space gardening tools that we’ve have found on the interwebs. Can you tell that I am getting excited for the weather to warm up? I can’t wait to go get my hands dirty and get my garden going.

Even if you don’t have a lot of space to play with, I think these tools can help make your small spaces grow.

img91cWe’re loving this Chalkboard Wall Planter. Not only is it great for growing your very own herbs, this planter offers a unique and trendy space saving option. You can harvest your own greens while adding a little greenery and brightness indoors or outdoors. Being able to write on the board and mark what you’re growing or just personalize your space is a fun way to get into the self sustaining lifestyle.

ptsh_grbt_all_setup_LRGIf you are really limited on space but still want some green in your life, we think this is absolutely perfect. These Upcycled Hydrogardens make growing herbs on your windowsill and even your desk easy. These GrowBottles come packaged in recycled wine bottles tied with ribbons made from recycled plastic bottles, these also make a great gift for your friends that have a green thumb.

506b18ccdbd0cb3071001aa1._w.540_h.636_s.fit_ (1)Need a DIY project for your garden but are limited on space? We will definitely be trying this one. With a couple of items including some mason jars, some wooden boards, and your favorite plants, this is the perfect idea for growing your own plants in home.

cedar-urban-planter This Urban Planter is perfect for planting your favorite greens even without a garden. We think is great option for sustaining your own garden on a balcony or patio.

db_file_img_529_400x400Another item we love for the patio is this Aluminum Hanging Planter. When you’re limited on space, this is perfect for anything from herbs, to edible flowers, to your favorite plants. It even comes in different colors!

concrete-planter-sustainable-concrete-pot-indoor-outdoor-planter-eco-friendly-decorWhether you need an indoor or outdoor planter, we think this Sustainable Concrete Pot is a fun and sustainable alternative to your other planters. Besides looking great in your garden, this planter is recyclable, reduces waste, and will last so much longer than your plastic pots.

ptsh_gm_seed_save_open_LRGWorking on your Modern Pioneering lifestyle? We think this Seed Saving Kit is a great way to work on your gardening skills and embrace the sustainable lifestyle. This kit makes it easy to save, organize, and keep your garden going.

corkitsThe corkIt is a new take on traditional flower pots, being recycled from cork and 100% biodegradable. This flower pot is small enough to fit on your windowsill and is great for small indoor spaces. It also bounces if it hits the ground!

wallyone-seamless_planted-brownWe’re also loving this Wall Pocket, the best accessory in trying to create a living wall when you don’t have any other space available for your garden. Great for an indoor herb garden or for your outdoor succulents, this wall pocket is easy to install and a great first step to building a living wall.

grovert-frame-kitThis GroVert Frame Kit adds a rustic touch to your indoor spaces when you’re running low on space for your green needs. A fun and gorgeous option for growing herbs indoors and at your fingertips when needed or even outdoors on your patio, we think this is a great way to expand your growing space.

Happy Friday everyone!