Thank goodness it is finally Friday! After scouring the interwebs this week I got inspired by all of the fun camping supplies I was finding. Glamping trip soon? Or maybe some essentials to add to my list for my upcoming Adventure Getaway?? Either way, I think these items are all fun and trendy ways to get into the camping spirit.

Fire cooking pot L

I’m really loving this Outdoor Cooking Pot. It’s cast iron and perfect for cooking outside on the fire. Plus, it’s just got that real rustic feel to it. How much more authentic can you get?


How can you go camping without a rucksack to carry your belongings? This Alpine Rucksack has plenty of pockets to carry everything you may need and it looks great too.


So I may be slightly obsessed with axes, especially one like this American Felling Axe. I really like this one because of the slimmer axe head profile, which makes for improved cutting and chip throwing.


I thought this cutting board was really clever (especially for a camping trip). This Ash Wood Cutting Board is made from Minnesota hard wood and is even moisture resistant. I think it’s the perfect cutting board to get into the modern pioneering spirit.


Now I don’t know about you, but I am partial to using my favorite mugs for camping trips. I really love this Enamel Steel Cup for any trip just because who doesn’t love the sounds of cups clinking together in the morning while sitting around the fire?

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 1.24.43 AM

This Wicker Picnic Basket was just so cute. Even if you don’t take it out for a long camping trip, I think it’s perfect for having the most perfect meal in the great outdoors.


So this Bluetooth Speaker was a new discovery of mine and let me tell you, I love it. What sounds better than being out camping under the stars and being able to play your favorite songs?


This Hobo Knife is one camping essential I don’t know how you can do without. Having your fork, knife and spoon all in one and being able to separate them when needed, this little tool is quite handy for any trip.


Now I’m all about glamping, but sometimes its nice to just get out into nature and pitch a tent. This Wild Life Themed Tent was just too pretty to pass up. I think it would make a fun addition to any good camping trip.


And of course, how can you go camping without a trusty Compass?

Happy Friday y’all!