Isn’t it funny how we link certain scents with certain people, or seasons, or memories? It’s a powerful thing. So I wanted to share with y’all a way to harness that power.  Here’s the steps to make your own natural, easy, and delightful home scents. And it is a chance to use leftover peels, herbs, and odds and ends.


This is far from a precise recipe, you can vary the ingredients based on your preferences, the occasion, or just what you have on hand. I suggest grabbing some citrus, for the strong scent, and some flavorful herbs. You’re going to soak it all in boiling water in an open container so the scents can mix together and waft throughout the room.

I made mine from a mix of herbs I had that were on their last leg, and a few other ingredients I found in my pantry.

Peel of an orange

Whole cloves




Bay Leaf


There was very little method to my madness. I combined my orange peel with a “shake” of cloves, a “few” shavings of ginger, a “fistful” of thyme, a bay leaf or two…


And topped it all off with a splash of vanilla


Then, I boiled some water in a tea pot and poured it right on top


All the different ingredients melded together in the steam to make an amazingly comforting scent. The citrus definitely took the lead but  the herbs gave a great natural and woodsy edge.

Plus, it made for an adorable centerpiece…


The contents of my little jar actually filled my whole living room nicely. But, if you want something longer lasting or stronger try putting your mixture in a pot on the stove, bring the water to a boil, then lower it to a simmer. Just be sure to add boiling water over the top as the level lowers.

I’m thinking of trying the stove method out the next time I have the girlfriends over for cocktails, since it will stay strong all night.


So simple, so easy, so pretty!


Just use your pantry like a salad bar and see what you can come up with. Then be sure to come back and share your favorite concoctions with the rest of us!