Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, (eek), but don’t be too alarmed – it makes for a great excuse to mix up your happy hour routine and have a little fun! The following is a roundup of some great spooky cocktails to try out this weekend.

1. Vampire Kiss

This one is pretty simple and makes quite the statement- plus it’s Dracula approved.

2. Smoking Blackberry Sage Margarita

Any Friday is a great excuse for a margarita and dry ice just makes that even more fun. This cocktail can be achieved in just 2 steps.

3. Transformation Cocktail

Known as the “Jekyll and Hyde” of cocktails, because you may not taste the alcohol but trust us one of these is plenty enough.

4. The Spider Bite

This one is pretty sweet, but this cocktail has a terrifying appearance — black-pearl tapioca “eggs” and crushed ice give the illusion that arachnids are in hatching.

5. Witch’s Brew

This one is tasty and pretty, and we are certain you and all your witches will love it ;).

6. Black Magic Margarita 

Yes, it is another margarita because we just cannot help ourselves.

7. Haunted Highball

It may look like milk, but it certainly packs a punch.  You can simply use a dry erase marker to add the faces to your glasses.

8. Oggie Boogie Halloween Cocktail

This one is inspired by Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, its definitely a conversation starter.  We bet you cannot hang on to your candy worm garnish for too long.

9. Black Widow 

She’s tasty, but she has a bite.


10. The Black Goblin

Swap the vodka for tequila in a classic white Russian recipe and ta-da you have yourself a goblin.

11. Candy Corn Martini   

You cannot get through October without having yourself a little candy corn – we prefer ours mixed with vodka.

12. The Blackbeard 

Delicious, chocolatey and daring with love this out of the ordinary cocktail.


13. Rasberry Peach Margarita 

Of course, we have to squeeze one more spooky margarita in the mix! The black rim salt really makes for a festive treat!



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