You’ve practiced your calls and prepared for the hunt, now that duck season is upon us it’s time to start enjoying the tasty fruits of your labor. No need to freeze all of your duck this year, the following is a roundup of 8 Duck Recipes To Try This Season that will have you wanting duck for every meal.

8 Duck Recipes To Try This Season

1. Pulled Duck with Plum and Sriracha Sauce

Spicy and sweet, yes, please. This slow-cooked duck recipe is easy and tasty. You can turn your leftovers into a flavorful sandwich to pack for lunch because trust us one serving just isn’t enough.

8 Duck Recipes To Try This Season

2. Braised Duck Tacos

Today is “Taco Tuesday,” so we certainly could not let our list go without. The cinnamon and orange flavors marry perfectly in this recipe. The aroma it makes in your kitchen will have you drooling too.

8 Duck Recipes To Try This Season

3. G’s Duck Confit

Many recipes require that you first make duck confit, we find ourselves just stopping there a lot because it is just too hard to resist not to gobble it all up immediately. G’s recipe renders meat that just shreds from the bone in a buttery kind of way, our mouths are already watering just typing that. 

8 Duck Recipes To Try This Season

4. Duck Fat Roasted Potatoes and Mustard Dip

These don’t require any duck meat, but it allows you to make use of every bit of your bird by using the fat. First, check out G’s great tips on how to render duck fat. And then get ready to make these crispy, yet pillowy-soft, addicting potatoes, and mustard dip. You’ll definitely be wanting to find a way to work them into your holiday menu.

8 Duck Recipes To Try This Season

5. G’s  Duck Cassoulet

As you know we are big fan’s of our skillets and are always trying to find ways to use them even more. This is a beautiful and oh-so-yummy baked stew of sorts. It is a French-inspired dish, that G put her own very delicious spin on. You can serve it right out of the cookware too, a real win-win.

8 Duck Recipes To Try This Season

6. Whiskey Raspberry Glazed Duck Breasts

It’s no secret, we enjoy a good whiskey so mixing it with our love of wild game is a must. This recipe is similar to G’s whiskey glazed wild turkey and makes for a beautifully tender dish. It is good to keep in mind that duck is a red meat, so the way you typically prefer your steak is most likely how you’ll like your duck.

8 Duck Recipes To Try This Season

7. G’s Duck Fried Rice

This is a mouth-watering recipe to make use of the scraps of duck you are sometimes left with. You’ll want to make a big batch of this dish to keep eating on throughout the week, we swear it tastes even better on day two.

8 Duck Recipes To Try This Season

8. Duck Gumbo

John Stephen’s of Rich-N-Tone Duck Calls unquestionably is quite an expert when it comes to all things duck. When he sat down to chat with us, we were begging to know what his favorite way to prepare duck is, and without hesitation, he pointed us in the direction of gumbo. It’s easy to see why as soon as you take your first bite. You can swap out the usual butter for duck fat here, too. This slow-and-low cooking process gives you the tenderest of meat and collection of flavors.

What is your favorite way to prepare your duck after a hunt?
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