It is no secret we are definitely dog people around here. They’re our hunting partners, best friends, and are the most excited to see us walk through the door. We want to do everything possible to make their lives as happy, healthy and lush as possible and of course in the most resourceful and natural way possible. As we have thought more about how to keep ourselves healthy in this new year, we also decided to put together our favorite natural remedies for dogs to keep them happy and healthy.

Try These Natural Remedies to Keep Your Dogs Healthy:

Try These Natural Remedies to Keep Your Dogs Healthy


Y’all already know we have a thing for pumpkin ourselves, but did you know it is packed full of great nutrients for your pups too?

Pumpkin is a natural source of many beneficial vitamins and nutrients:

  • Potassium – an electrolyte great for muscle help
  • Vitamin C – one cup of pumpkin contains at least 11mg of Vitamin C, which is wonderful for boosting their immune system.
  • Beta-Carotene – beneficial for preventing cancer. This is also where pumpkin gets its bright orange color.
  • Fiber
  • Zinc – will help improve skin and coat.
  • Iron
  • Vitamin A – which is important for your dog’s eyes.

Pumpkin is great for dogs that may need to drop a few pounds. Simply replace a portion of their regular dog food with some fresh pumpkin, you can also use Organic Canned Pumpkin. Don’t worry they love the taste, so they’ll think they’re simply getting an extra treat.

It is also a great fix for diarrhea, constipation, and their urinary health. 

It also can be used to add moisture to dry kibble, which is great for older pups whose teeth are starting to show some age.

Dogs can even have pumpkin seeds as a treat too, but don’t add any salt to theirs.

Try These Natural Remedies to Keep Your Dogs Healthy

Try These Natural Remedies to Keep Your Dogs Healthy


Molasses is an all-natural sweetener and in moderation can be great for your pooch. 

It can help dogs suffering from arthritis and has been credited with helping to reduce shedding.

Make sure to get an organic  Blackstrap Molasses without any additives.

Try These Natural Remedies to Keep Your Dogs Healthy

Try These Natural Remedies to Keep Your Dogs Healthy


Many dogs suffer from allergies, often times this leads to itchy irritated skin. An easy way to ease this is to add crushed  Organic Oats to a warm bath. Just 1 cup will do.

ry These Natural Remedies to Keep Your Dogs Healthy

How to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Chicken Soup

Your pup can suffer colds just like you in the winter months.

It seems odd to willingly give out table food, but lukewarm (not hot) chicken soup can be as beneficial to dogs fighting a cold as it can be for humans.

Low sodium chicken soup with chicken breast, cooked vegetables, and brown rice will give your pup the energy and nutrition they need to fight it off.

Do you have any at home remedies for keeping your furry family members healthy? Comment below or share a photo of them and tag us on social media. We love to see all their adorable faces!

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