If there’s one part of camping we love most, it’s the fireside dinner with friends and family. We love curating delicious meals for you to try, so we decided to put together our favorite camping recipes that are easy, but delicious. Have any that are your go-to favorites? Be sure to share them with us in the comments. Also be sure to subscribe to Georgia’s YouTube channel for more campsite recipes and survival skills.

7 Easy Campsite Recipes:

How to Bake Bread in a Beer Can

Homemade Bread in a Beer Can

Our love for our cast iron skillet extends far beyond the kitchen. We are always down for any excuse to have a little more fresh basked bread in our lives. This is an easy one to handle while on a campsite too.

Cowboy Coffee

Cowboy Coffee

When it comes to waking up in nature, a really good cup of coffee in the morning is king. This technique for making campfire coffee is a must to fuel you for your day ahead.

7 Easy Campsite Recipes

Peach and Blackberry Camp Cake

After a long day of hiking and fishing, everyone deserves some dessert. This one is tasty and super easy to handle on the campsite.

7 Easy Campsite Recipes

Breakfast Hash

Is it even camping if you don’t have a little campfire hash? A classic favorite of campers is a perfect way to start the morning in the woods.

7 Easy Campsite Recipes

Campfire Spinach Dip

Who says you can’t have appetizers while camping? Hiking really has us working up an appetite for snacking too. Spinach dip is easy and is definitely a crowd pleaser.

7 Easy Campsite Recipes

Campfire Chicken with Brussels Sprouts

I don’t know anyone (okay, over the age of 10) that doesn’t love Brussels sprouts. This meal will properly fuel you for outdoor adventures ahead.

7 Easy Campsite Recipes

Simple S’mores Dip

Let’s be honest, one of the main reasons we all go camping is the S’MORES. We love the idea of turning this into a dip for all to share. The perfect way to end an evening under the stars.

What is your favorite dish to cook over the campfire? Comment below or tag us on social media.


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