If you live in an urban area or a dwelling without any land, you have more space than you might think. Is your rooftop flat and easily accessible? Does the fence along your building have a little bit of dirt to plant some pole beans? Does your fire escape have space for a planter box or a few round containers? How about your windowsill or driveway? There are plenty of options no matter your circumstances.

Recently, we’ve been talking a lot about gardening. Everything from what soil to use, what to grow and everything in between. But the truth is not all of us are lucky enough to sport large backyards or growing spaces, so we have had to get creative around here. There really is a gardening option and possibility, whether you have a large estate or a tiny studio apartment, you just have to be willing to get resourceful and crafty. One of the greatest options is using the ability to grow up rather than out. It’s really not nearly as complicated as one would think and there are many different ways to create a vertical garden depending upon your needs. Here are our suggestions on just How To Create A Vertical Garden.

How To Create A Vertical Garden:

The truth is there is no one right way to create a vertical garden, there are hundreds of different ways to accomplish this task. But, there are certainly some things you should always take into consideration. One of those is knowing what plants thrive in a vertical growing environment.

Climbing plants do beautifully on balconies and rooftops; short plants like lettuce, radish, and carrots do well on a windowsill. 

The Best Plants for Vertical Gardens:

  • Peas
  • Pole beans
  • Tomatoes (with support)
  • Vining cucumbers
  • Vining squash

Now keeping these plants in mind as well as your own personal space constraints check out some of our favorite DIY vertical garden options you should consider.

PHOTO: The Bird and Her Song

Take It Up Above the Window

Vertical gardens are not only for climbing plants. With many taking their vertical gardens indoors, it’s  a great environment for growing plants with shallow roots, much like ones that typically do well on your windowsil. In fact, by creating a vertical garden right above your window you can actually extend how many plants you can grow by going beyond just that ledge, and you can do so in quite a lovely fashion.

Short-Rooted Plants for the Windowsill

  • Carrots (short-rooted variety)
  • Cress
  • Lettuce
  • Mustard
  • Radishes
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes (small variety)

All you need to accomplish this DIY Vertical garden above is dowel rods, brackets, clay pots and some rope. A little time one afternoon and you have a beautiful vertical garden to show for yourself.

PHOTO: Grizzly Bear Modern

Vertical Gardens Can Be Way More Than Just Space Savers

They can add interest and charm to really any home or garden.

Consider What You Have on Hand

This could be a great opportunity to upcycle some old furniture or thrift store finds. We love the idea of using an old dresser like the one pictured above. It can really add so much charm to your garden in addition to saving you all kinds of space.

Another great option is grabbing an old ladder like G did here. It gives you a lot of height without taking up too much room so it is also great for tight spaces.

How To Create A Vertical Garden

PHOTO: Instructables  

Have an old shoe organizer? This is a great option for growing a variety of different seeds.


Grab a Pallet

Do you have an old pallet laying around? Or at least know where to find one? These make the perfect vertical planter. A little paint and a hammer are really all you need to give an old pallet some new life.

These ideas are only just the beginning when it comes to vertical gardening options. With a little bit of creativity, a quiet Sunday afternoon, it opens you up to all kinds of opportunities and ideas.

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