We’ve been talking a lot lately about how much we love a good hike and a camping getaway.  In a camping or outdoor adventure, do you want to follow the leader and watch someone else set up the tent, or do you want to be the girl who knows how to read a compass? I have been launching a new episode of my short-form series every day this week and have loved your response! Today’s is one of my favorites–How to Read A Compass. You never know where life’s adventures will take you, learn how to find your way with this survival skill, you will always be prepared. Watch the video and be sure to leave a comment on my YouTube channel to let me know if you know how to read a compass. And subscribe to the channel for free for more Modern Pioneering tips and tricks!

How to Read a Compass:

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How to Read a Compass

The Basics:

The first thing you should know is that the needle on a compass contains iron, which naturally gravitates toward the north and south poles of the earth’s magnetic field. Based on that you should:

  • Keep the compass away from metal objects like jewelry and watches.
  • Hold the compass parallel to the ground so that the needle spins freely.

How to Read a Compass

Finding Your Direction:

Let the needle spin until it stops and points in one direction. This is north.

Move your body so that it is facing the same direction as the needle.

Raise your right arm and that is east, raise your left arm and that is west.

Your rear end is facing south.

We hope to see all you expert navigators on the trails!

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