We are all looking forward to going on some fabulous road trips in the next couple of months and we know many of you are too. Road trips can be so much fun, but also can come with a lot of stress. As you may remember, G took an epic road trip through France last summer because it is generally her favorite way to travel. So she is here to take the stressful part away by helping to teach you How to Prepare and Pack Your Car for A Road Trip.

How to Prepare and Pack Your Car for A Road Trip:

First Up, Prepping Your Car

Change the filter.

You’ll thank us later.

Begin your trip with a clean car, both inside and out.

This simply just makes it much easier for you to find things when you need them, and keep you sane.

How to Prepare and Pack Your Car for A Road Trip

Check Fluids in Car

These include:

  • Engine oil
  • Transmission fluid
  • Gasoline
  • Antifreeze/coolant
  • Radiator coolant
  • Brake fluid
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • Power steering fluid


Check your tire pressure and double check that you have a spare.

Brush up on how to change a flat tire (you can find G’s step by step instructions HERE).

How to Prepare and Pack Your Car for A Road Trip

Safety Kit

Now that you’ve got your car ready you should prepare a safety kit, just in case.

Here’s what you’ll need to create one:

  • A clear, plastic storage bin to keep everything together and find items easily
  • A towel
  • First aid kit
  • Tire pressure gage
  • A hat or visor to provide a little sun protection
  • Jumper cables
  • A blanket
  • Wet wipes (you know you’re going to need them)
  • Duct tape (so many endless uses, but it is great for temporary repairs)
  • A wrench
  • Pliers
  • Philips and flat screwdriver
  • Car phone charger
  • A map (you never know when GPS isn’t available)
  • Sunscreen (see G’s homemade one HERE)
  • Paper towels
  • A headlamp with fresh batteries
  • A flashlight
  • Camera (for all the amazing sunsets you’re going to encounter)

How to Prepare and Pack Your Car for A Road Trip

How to Prepare and Pack Your Car for A Road Trip

Food + Drink

You’ll want to pack a cooler for your trip.

What to include in the cooler:

  • At least 2 water bottles per person
  • Coffee in a travel container (great for a pick me up and can easily be made into an ice coffee)
  • Sandwich meat and cheese along with crackers for an easy meal
  • Squeezable apple sauce (not just for toddlers)
  • Hardboiled eggs (makes a simple breakfast)
  • Snack sized carrots

Snacks to pack:

  • Dried fruit
  • Jerky (check out G’s recipe HERE).
  • Almonds
  • Nutter butter packets

Watch one of G’s most epic road trips in New Orleans on the premier of her show, Wild Food, on The Travel Channel airing Monday, May 14, at 11 pm EST / 10pm CT! With a second airing Sunday, May 20 at 2pm EST / 1pm CT.

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