I’m so excited for you guys to see the premiere episode of my new show “Wild Food” on Destination! It was such an intense adventure, and two years of work to get to this moment. As a reminder:



Saturday, June 23, 2018

10pm ET/9pm CT 

Destination America

One of the greatest experiences while filming was learning to bowfish for the first time. I learned from a woman first of all, Jill Zednick, which was such a treat since it’s rare I get that opportunity. And she was a World Record holder at that! I thought I would share with you some Lessons From My First Time Bowfishing so that you can hopefully take on this adventure one of these days. Want to experience it with me? Join my New Orleans Adventure Getaway this fall and relive the experiences in the episode!

Lessons From My First Time Bowfishing:

Wild Food on Travel Channel

Why It Happens at Night

Bowfishing happens at nighttime because it is easier to see through the water and find the fish. In a place like Louisiana, the waters are brackish which means they can be cloudy — one more reason to give yourself the advantage by doing it at night.

It’s A Skill, Not A Game of Chance

One of the reasons I liked it was that we were not putting a fishing poll out into the water and waiting to see what we got, only to find it wasn’t something we wanted. Inevitably that happens with fish, and there is something about catch and release that just bothers me, if feels like playing with your food. With bowfishing, you are choosing your fish. You see it in the water, decide it is one you want, and you go for it. That seems like intentional harvesting of your dinner to me.

Wild Food Bowfishing

You Must Understand Optical Illusion

When you are aiming into the water there is an optical illusion that makes the fish seem farther up than it actually is. You have to adjust the aim of your bow lower to compensate for this. That makes it really challenging and a fair hunt.

You Have to Work As A Team

This is not a game of solo serenity on the waters. You need friends to go out there with you who can help you reel it in. A huge alligator gar, for example, can be extremely heavy, and you often need to hit it with two bows in order to pull it onto the boat. You also need a boat driver who knows what they are doing and who can shine a light on your target. A great seasoned bowfisher like the one you will see on the show will be able to tell where the fish are just by looking at the ripples in the water. Now THAT is talent.

Have you ever been bowfishing?

I can’t wait for you to see the Premiere of “Wild Food” on Saturday, June 23, 2018 at 10pm ET/9pm CT  on Destination America.

And I hope you’ll join me in New Orleans to experience this for yourself!

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