We have 5 new chicks that have just hatched at Tulipwood. We didn’t intend to have 5 new chicks, but the hens got broody and they just wouldn’t get off of their eggs and so we gave in and let them sit on them and here we are months later with 5 new chicks. We are really hoping there aren’t any roosters since we already have two, which is one too many, but given our track record they will probably all be roosters! All well. That means a lot of crowing and/or a lot of fighting in the pen is in our future. I thought I’d share How to Peel the Perfect Egg with you today, since it is something we think a lot about. When we want to make deviled eggs, for example, we make sure we have a dozen or two set aside to age before we boil them. 

How to Peel the Perfect Egg:

How to Peel the Perfect Egg

How to Peel the Perfect Egg

Fresh Eggs for Omelets, Old Eggs for Boiling

Fresh eggs are good for omelets and frying, older eggs are best for boiling. The whites of fresh eggs stick to the membrane more often, so the best way to ensure your eggs aren’t too fresh and are easy to peel is to buy them and let them sit in your refrigerator for a week. Or you can test them by putting them in a bowl of water—the older ones will sit upright or tilt slightly while the fresh ones will lay on their sides.

How to Peel the Perfect Egg

How to Peel the Perfect Egg

First Attempt to Peel This Way

When you peel the eggs, crack the shells all over by rolling the egg against a hard surface. This will help loosen the membrane. Then drop them in a bowl of cold water and peel them underwater.

How to Peel the Perfect Egg

If It Isn’t Peeling Smoothly, Try This

If the egg still won’t peel, microwave it for 20 seconds. Let it cool for another 20 seconds before removing it from the microwave, dropping it in ice water, and trying again.

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